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Shilajit Capsules Benefits, Sexual Weakness Cure for Men, Women

Shilajit health benefits for men and women are immense. It is reckoned as master herb in Ayurveda and works as powerful herbal sexual weakness cure. This herbal mineral compound is well known to simulate the effects of other herbs and is used in various herbal remedies due to its wide ranging and unique properties. Shilajit has been used for improving men's health since ancient times and is excellent health rejuvenator and herb which can provide youthful energy, stamina and strength. Its properties are capable of reversing the process of aging. Shilajit boosts up metabolism rate and movement of minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the body and allows their easy absorption by muscles and bones. This property provides men with everlasting strength and higher endurance levels in their muscles and for those men who are keen to have muscles mass, Shilajit stimulates recovery process after exercises and reenergizes and refreshes muscles very quickly.

Shilajit BenefitsShilajit intensifies nervous system and improves nerve functioning which augurs well for the health of reproductive system of men, it cures problem of premature ejaculation, lack of libido and improves quality of semen to maintain fertility and counter infertility either due to aging or due to presence of any disorder or disease in the body. Shilajit reduces fat and has rich anti-inflammatory properties to counter problems like back pain, knee pain etc, it purifies blood and stimulates energy producing reactions in the body which keep men full of energy while performing daily activities defying ill-effects of aging or debility.

Shilajit is useful for Men in -

Low libido
Erectile dysfunction
Low energy and poor stamina
Low immunity

Shilajit is not only a boon for men's health but its magical properties are very beneficial for women's health and looks too. The better mobilization of minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the body is very useful for women to counter problems of weak bones due to calcium deficiency. The properties which keep men full of youthful energy and stamina are very useful for women too in staying active and lively throughout the day while they are at home or at work place. Shilajit supplies the body with antioxidants which inhibit the activity of free radicals which are largely responsible for promoting signs of aging like low energy levels, sagging skin and poor health of skin and hair. It keeps the immunity system upbeat and sound to counter illnesses and infections, it purifies blood to prevent acne, face marks, skin pigmentation etc and its fat reducing properties keeps the body slim and in good shape.

Shilajit cures common problems in women like anemia, stress, anorexia, low libido, general debility, body pains, persistent infections and obesity very easily and naturally. Shilajit is also highly recommended for women who face problems of irregular menstrual cycle or painful periods. Its health rejuvenating properties promote cell replacement and tissue rebuilding process which keeps the reproductive health of women in pristine condition and prevents and cures the problems occurring due to growing age or diseases. Shilajit is also very beneficial in improving mental health of men as well as women and keeps stress, anxiety and depression miles away. Upbeat immunity promoted by the use of Shilajit keeps women free from commonly occurring urinary tract infections and other types of infections effectively.

Shilajit is useful for Women in -

Anemia and obesity
Low libido and lack of desire
Body pains and arthritis
Stress, anxiety and depression
Poor health of skin and hair
Low immunity
Weakness and fatigue
Blood detoxification

Ingredients of Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit Sudh (Asphaltum Punjabinum), Safed Musali (Asparagus Adscendens), Shatavar (Asparagus Racemosus), Moti Bhasma (Pinctada Margaritifera) and Kesar (Saffron)


Take one Shilajit capsule twice daily with milk or water regularly for 4 to 6 months to get maximum benefit.

Shilajit Health Benefits

Improve Energy and Stamina

Shilajit boosts up immunity system, nourishes muscles and bones of the body, stimulates energy producing reactions in the body, maintain blood pressure and control blood sugar levels. It removes pain, stiffness and debility in the body. It is an excellent aid to reduce obesity, improves liver and cardiac functioning and removes iron deficiency. All of these properties make it wonderful natural remedy for improving energy and stamina.

Improve Physical and Mental Strength

Shilajit is recommended for gaining everlasting youthful energy and stamina, muscle mass, bone strengthening, higher immunity, better movement and absorption of minerals and for higher protein metabolism which provides upbeat physical health and vigor. It is also very effective in countering stress, mental fatigue, improving memory, mental concentration and neurotransmitters of the brain. It is one complete natural remedy for everlasting sound physical and mental strength.

Improve Male Fertility

Shilajit is great male fertility booster and cures many types of disorders and weaknesses of the reproductive system occurring due to aging or poor health. Shilajit is highly recommended for curing problems like erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation, thinning of semen, low sperm count and low sperm motility. It is an aphrodisiac which can ignite love life of men and women and can bring in youthful fun and passion in the lovemaking activity.

Physical and Sexual Debilities

Shilajit fastens the protein and nucleic acid metabolism, stimulates energy producing reactions in the body, strengthens nervous system, increase strength and endurance of muscles and bones and boosts up immunity. It is an aphrodisiac, works as herbal sexual weakness cure, improves nerve functioning of reproductive system, improves libido, quality of semen and provides stamina. In women it prevents infections, irregular menstrual cycles, PMS and provides energy and stamina.

Urinary and Prostate Problems

Shilajit is an excellent natural remedy for benign prostatic hypertrophy. It cures kidney diseases and improves their functioning, it can cure urinary problems like incontinence, frequent urination and burning sensation during urination. It is very useful in curing enlarged prostate gland and also curing problems occurring due to stones in the urinary bladder.

Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido

Shilajit intensifies nerve functioning of reproductive area and whole nervous system of the body which increases sensation in the genitals and better nerve response to counter low libido and erectile dysfunction. Mental calmness, anti-stress, anti-anxiety and improved concentration provided by Shilajit also boosts up love life of a person. As a powerful herbal sexual weakness cure, it promotes increased blood flow to reproductive organs, stamina, energy and strength in the body to cure problems like ED and low libido.

Improve Kidneys and Urinary Tract Health

Shilajit works kidney and urinary tract tonic, it cures various disorders related to kidneys and urinary tract. It prevents incontinence, frequent urination, stones in the bladder, dysuria, chronic UTI, cystitis, spermoruia, lithuria and enlarged or swelled prostate gland. Traditionally shilajit is considered as panacea for kidney and urinary disorders.

Cure Premature Ejaculation

Shilajit has been used to boost up reproductive system since ages and is one of the best natural remedies for the problem. Use of Shilajit cures thinning of semen, improve nerve functioning, cures problem of discharge of semen with urine, reenergizes muscles and nerves and promotes mental calmness and cures anxiety to cure the problem of premature ejaculation. It is one of the wonderful natural remedy to treat problem of reproductive system.

Control Diabetes

Shilajit has been called as 'Destroyer of weakness' by researchers and same researchers are calling it as 'Destroyer of Diabetes' nowadays. Use of Shilajit is very beneficial for people suffering with diabetes as it brings down blood glucose level and brings substantial increase in high density lipo-proteins. Derangement of fat, protein and glucose metabolism disallows accumulation of sugar in the blood. It improves functioning of pancreas to produce insulin and purifies blood by expelling toxins out of the body through urine.

Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain

Shilajit is rich anti-oxidant and potent anti-inflammatory, apart from these it casts very positive effects on neurotransmitters of the brain and strengthens nervous system. It also rejuvenates cells and tissues of the body and increases muscular strength. All of these properties make it a very potent herbal remedy for arthritis and joint pain. Use of Shilajit provides cure to the root cause of the problem and has shown very positive results in improving condition of the people suffering with arthritis and joint pain.

Control Obesity

Shilajit is energy booster and stimulates energy producing reactions in the body, this helps a person in staying active and burn more fat. Shilajit has capacity to dissolve accumulated fat for fulfilling energy requirements and better protein metabolism strengthens muscular system to reduce obesity very effectively. Better fat metabolism makes it potent herb for getting rid of obesity.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels

Shilajit is referred as 'Fountain of youth' and the herb which increases core energy of the body, which is withered by stress and anxiety, hence use of Shilajit works magically for calming stress and curing anxiety. Shilajit is an excellent adaptogen which means that it strengthens, builds physical and mental stamina and counters stress. Shilajit increase mental concentration, reduces mental fatigue, counters mental stress and cures depression. It is excellent natural remedy for reducing stress and anxiety.

Useful in Treating Anemia

Shilajit contains 42% of fulvic acid solids and that makes it a very potent herbal remedy for curing iron deficiency and anemia. The un-availability of iron through diet or its mal-absorption by the body are causes of anemia but use of Shilajit provides iron contents and also makes it bio-available to the body for easy and smooth absorption and producing red blood cells in higher number to cure anemia.

Anti Aging

Shilajit promotes movements of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the body and their absorption into muscles and bones, dissolves fat, inhibits activity of free radicals, increase muscular strength and stamina, improves health of reproductive system and male fertility, maintains higher energy levels and boosts up immunity. All of these benefits make it the best anti aging supplement which can maintain youthful vigor and vitality forever.

Anti Inflammatory Agent

Shilajit can reduce chemically induced edema by 77% within short period of use which describes its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is very beneficial herbal remedy for curing arthritis and joint pain by reducing internal swellings and inflammation of nerves, tissues and muscles.

Rejuvenator and Immunity Booster

Shilajit is well known as health rejuvenator which can reverse the process of aging by providing healthy body, mind and younger looks. It increases the size and virus/bacteria eating activity of microphages and macrophages which are human body's natural protection against foreign invaders. Regular consumption of Shilajit improves immunity system and keeps illnesses and disorders away. It rejuvenates the body at cellular level, inhibits activity of free radicals, and improves liver functioning, cardiac functioning, and CNS functioning and counters general debility very effectively.


Shilajit is a powerful antioxidant and nullifies free radicals in the body and blood without becoming a free radical itself. It helps the body in expelling toxins from the blood through urine and purifies blood working as potent antioxidant supplement. Due to rich antioxidant properties Shilajit is well known for defying age and providing younger looks and glowing skin along with upbeat physical and mental health.

Shilajit Capsules
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit, also called as mineral pitch, is a tar-like substance which comes out of rocks. It is also described as mineral oil, rock oil or rock sweat. This is mostly found in hilly and mountainous regions, Caucasus Mountains of Central Asia, Tibet, Altai and Himalayas are places particularly famous for availability of Shilajit. It is one of the oldest herbal mineral compounds used in Ayurveda. The texture of shilajit is thick and sticky and its color ranges from white to dark brown, the dark brown colored shilajit is found most commonly. Once impurities have been removed it appears as homogenous brown-black paste like substance with glossy surface, peculiar smell and bitter taste.

Many researchers believe that Shilajit exuding from the rocks of the mountains is derived from vegetative sources. However it is not clear that whether Shilajit has geological or biological origin, but according to most recent theory the humification of resin bearing plants forms major organic mass of shilajit. All the mountainous regions famous for availability of Shilajit are layered mountains which were formed by collision of two plates of Earth and sea and sea bed pushed up to form mountains. The mineral rich sea bed and vegetation of sea formed lush plantation at the mountains which over a period of time got trapped in the rocks and gradually transformed into humus. Due to excessive pressure of mountains, humification and heat the ancient humus comes out in the form of dense, viscous and mineral rich mass which is called as shilajit.

What is the composition of Shilajit?

Broadly shilajit can be classified into four categories depending on its composition. The gold shilajit which is red in color, silver is white in color, copper is blue in color and iron shilajit is dark brown or blackish in color, the black colored shilajit is the most common variety of this herb. Shilajit is known to possess 85 different types of minerals in ionic form including triterpenes, carboxylic acid, humic acid, numerous traces of vitamins, amino acids and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid contains 74 different essential complexed and dissolved minerals and trace elements and shilajit contains 42% of fulvic acid solids. At a temperature below 20 degree C it solidifies and gets soft when heated. Its density ranges from 1.5 to 1.8 g/cm3. When worked between fingers it gets soft and dissolves in water without leaving any residue. The purified shilajit has unlimited shelf life.

What are the major health benefits of Shilajit?

Shilajit is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and anti-anxiety herb. It accelerates processes of protein and nucleic acid metabolism and stimulates energy producing reactions in the body. It promotes movement of minerals in the body like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous and facilitates their absorption into muscles and bones of the body. It strengthens digestion, improves functioning of pancreas and purifies blood. It is very potent anti-ulcer agent and increase levels of growth hormone. It is a boon for diabetic patients as it controls blood sugar levels, reduces fat, dissolves tumors and counteracts thirst. It increases muscular strength and stamina, stimulates recovery after exercises and improves immunity system. It is an excellent balancing and revitalizing tonic for women and according to Ayurveda it can cure every curable disease in humans.

Is there any side effect of Shilajit capsules?

Shilajit capsules are herbal supplements prepared by combining all natural herbs and botanicals known for their beneficial effects in improving health, vigor and vitality. Because Shilajit capsules are natural products containing only the finest herbs and natural ingredients, there are no harmful side effects of Shilajit capsules when taken as directed.

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