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Natural Sleep Remedies, Home Remedy

Most of the people suffer with an episode of sleeplessness once in life, the problem arises when these become frequent and does not go away, natural sleep remedies are the best ways to regain restful sleep for sound health. Inability to gain sound and restful sleep is referred as sleeplessness. Longer stay of this problem or frequent occurrences of sleepless nights can cause serious health disorders, lesser sleep can harm efficiency and capability of a person to work and can also ruin relationships. Lack of sleep does not allow the body to recover and regain lost power and energy, which strains internal organs and overburden them, due to regular pressure organs and systems malfunction to give rise to disorders and diseases. Natural sleep remedies are excellent ways to achieve restful sleep and can cure the problem of sleeplessness without causing any side effects.

There are many reasons which deprive a person of proper and sound sleep. Anxiety, depression, stress, schizophrenia and mania are commonly found psychological reasons for sleeplessness. Chronic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, acid reflux, night time angina, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, nocturnal asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, parkinson's disease, Alzheimer, strokes, brain tumor and arthritis are commonly found physical causes of insomnia. There are few other reasons which can cause sleeplessness and may cause temporary or long term problem, reasons like noisy place, young children, change of place, bereavement, fever headache or other extreme physical conditions, drugs or alcohol withdrawal, pregnancy and any other day to day problem like financial problems or problems related to family members can also cause insomnia.

Natural sleep remedies are effective and help a person in gaining sound sleep countering ill effects of any of these reasons. Falling asleep quickly but awaking few times in the night is a symptom of insomnia. Difficulty in falling asleep and staying awake in the bed for a long time is also a symptom sleeplessness. Lack of sleep or lesser duration of sleep and feeling sleepy or tired during the day is a clear symptom of insomnia. These symptoms can be temporary and if they last for few days to one week then this condition is referred as transient insomnia. If symptoms last for more than a week but lesser than 3 weeks then it is called as short term insomnia, if symptoms last for more than 3 weeks then it is called as chronic insomnia. Natural sleep remedies are helpful in treating all types of symptoms without casting any sort of side effects on health.

Chamomile tea is one of the oldest and trusted natural sleep remedies which can help in gaining restful sleep in many ways. Chamomile can be consumed in the form of hot tea by boiling it with water or as cold tea. It is also very helpful if a person keeps it under the pillow or anywhere on the head side of the bed. Its effects are relaxing and soothing which calms stress and anxiety to provide sound sleep.

Passion flower also has similar properties like that of chamomile. One can drink an infusion made by mixing passion flower with hot water, one cup everyday, to gain sound sleep or can keep it under the pillow to gain sound and restful sleep. Passion flower also works as one of the most effective natural sleep remedies. Massage of passion flower oil on forehead and head can provide relief from the symptoms of chronic insomnia to allow a person to get restful sleep.

Lemon balm is another one of the oldest natural sleep remedies. Adding two teaspoons of lemon balm to a cup of boiling water and allowing it to stay for at least 10 minutes can prepare one of the most efficient natural sleep remedies. Consume this mixture after straining for sound and undisturbed sleep.

Honey has many properties and providing soothing effects on nerves and organs is one of those which are utilized for gaining restful sleep. Mixing two teaspoons of honey in a glass of warm milk and consuming it just before going to bed casts very relaxing effects on mind and body and person can fall asleep quickly. Use of honey for salad dressing is another way of consuming it for gaining sound sleep by countering stress and sleep depriving thoughts.

Soak 10-12 pieces of almonds in water and allow them to stay overnight or for at least 6-8 hours. Later peel them off and grind them to form a paste, add this to a glass of warm milk and add some saffron and sweeten it with honey. Consume this glass of milk either two hour before bedtime after dinner or during the day. This is one of those natural sleep remedies which nourishes the body and helps in countering stress and promotes sound sleep by providing mental calmness countering depressing thoughts.

Taking a warm water tub bath before going to bed can also do wonders for increasing duration and quality of sleep. Mixing lavender with the water in any form increases its effects and provides calmness and soothing effects to promote sound sleep. This is also one of the most popular home remedy for sleeplessness. Natural sleep remedies such as Aaram capsules work effectively to cure insomnia without causing any side effects.

There are few things which a person can take care of for preventing insomnia and gaining sound sleep. Establish a regular and proper sleeping pattern. Mind gets habitual of a sleeping pattern quickly and if a person's sleeping pattern is not regular then he is prone to suffer with insomnia frequently. Ensure peaceful and relaxing sleeping room, spraying room freshener and listening to light classical music can be very relaxing and sleep promoting activity. Avoid working on bed with laptop or other devices, this also casts psychological effects and can deprive of proper sleep. Avoid discussing day to day matters with bed partner on the bed and also avoid any stimulating activity apart from making love just before bedtime. Exercises can be of immense help, regular exercises according to body's capacity in the morning can bring in sound and pressing sleep at night. If one needs to exercise in the evening make sure that it is at least 2-3 hours before bedtime and always prefer to perform rhythmic exercises rather than heavy.

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