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Home Remedies for Snoring, Natural Remedy

Snoring can be caused by various reasons and nearly 45% of men and 30% of women suffer with this problem, home remedies for snoring can treat the problem very well and provide restful sleep to the sufferer as well as to others. Breathing while sleeping cause snores. Air passing through nose or mouth to the lungs cause vibrations which creates a sound, the vibrations caused by the air occurs due to narrowing of nose, throat or mouth, there are different reasons for narrowing of these organs in different people. The noise or sound created by these vibrations can be soft to loud and unpleasant, it can be loud enough to disturb sleep of others. Snoring is first symptom of obstructive sleep apnea which can give rise to various other problems. Medically it is believed that snoring shall not be taken lightly and home remedies for snoring are natural and effective ways to alleviate the condition and helps in preventing any other complication to health due to the problem.

Nasal septum deviation, sinus infections, swelling of turbinates, large adenoids, enlarged tonsils and allergies are few commonly found causes of snoring. Large or floppy soft palate, thick or long uvula and slipping back of tongue while sleeping are few other causes which cause snoring. Ill-positioned jaw, wrong sleeping position, obesity and throat weaknesses can also cause snoring in some people. Side effects of medicines, alcohol intake, tobacco consumption and broken nose or tissues are other causes of snoring. Noise or sound during sleep is referred as snoring and also symptom of snoring. If a person sleeps with an open mouth it is also a symptom of snoring. Restless sleep, sudden awakening from sleep and saliva flowing out of mouth on pillow are other symptoms of snoring. Sleepiness during the day, irritated mood and lethargy are also symptoms of snoring as due to blockage of air person is unable to get restful sleep despite of sleeping for sufficient duration. Snoring can cause many types of disorders from high blood pressure to insomnia and heart problems, home remedies for snoring can relieve the symptoms and can safely prevent the harmful effects of the problem.

Drinking eucalyptus tea 2-3 times a day is one of the useful home remedies for snoring. Eucalyptus tea has properties to reduce swellings and improve nerve responses which alleviate the problem of snoring effectively.

Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed also works as one of the helpful home remedies for snoring. Eating yoghurt is also known for reducing snoring and providing easy breathing during sleep.

Elevating bed on the head side by few inches also works as one of the effective home remedies for snoring. In many cases people snore due to wrong position of head during sleep which causes blockage, by elevating head side of the bed person stays in a proper position to breathe freely which prevents snoring.

Sleeping on the back can cause slipping of tongue backwards into the throat and blocks the air passage to cause snoring. Practicing to sleep sideways can provide cure to the problem. Tennis ball remedy can help in developing habit of sleeping sideways. Sew a tennis ball on the top of the t-shirt used while sleeping. This will not allow a person to sleep on the back and in some time person can develop habit of sleeping sideways. This works as one of the effective home remedies for snoring and cures the problem occurring due to wrong sleeping position.

Mix a teaspoon of common salt to a glass of warm water. Gargle with this mixture, clear nose by taking some water in through nostrils and exhaling to clear the mucus present in the nostrils and other objects like dust particles to clear the breathing passage. Gargle with salt water relax throat and clear the air passage and works as one of the effective home remedies for snoring.

Regular exercises works wonderfully for curing the problem and are reckoned as effective home remedies for snoring. Exercises like jogging, walking, brisk walking, cycling, aerobics and swimming promote blood flow and clear respiratory organs. The cough and mucus in these organs causes snoring in most of the cases. Apart from clearing breathing passage exercises prevent fat accumulation which also causes snoring. Obesity is one of the causes of snoring hence regular exercises are very useful home remedies for snoring.

Breathing exercises in yoga are reckoned as one of the best treatments for reducing stress but these are also very effective in improving nerve responses and preventing too much relaxation of tissues to avoid snoring while a person is asleep. Breathing exercises are also very effective home remedies for snoring and provide many other benefits like cardio-vascular exercises.

Avoid alcohol intake completely to stop snoring. Alcohol intake causes too much relaxation of tissues which then vibrate during breathing to produce sound. Even if one needs to consume alcohol then it should be done at least 4-5 hours before sleeping to avoid snoring. Caffeine and nicotine intake is also well known for promoting snoring, people in habit of drinking too much coffee or consuming tobacco in any form suffer with blocked air passage in the throat or floppy soft palate to give rise to snoring. These precautions and practices also work as effective home remedies for snoring. Maintaining a proper sleep cycle allows a person to fall asleep quickly and also helps in reducing snoring. Avoid sleeping in the day after 3 PM to prevent unsound sleep or staying awake in bed for a long time before falling asleep.

Avoiding large meals before going to bed also helps in controlling snoring. Sugary products form mucus and thick saliva in mouth and throat reducing sugar intake is beneficial for reducing snoring. Avoid using tranquilizers and sedatives, these medicines are designed to relax nerves and when this happens regularly too much relaxation causes blockage in air passage and tissues vibrate with the breath to create a sound. Sleep on a firm mattress to keep posture straight. Even passive smoking is known to cause snoring, hence avoid staying in the room when someone else is smoking. These practices work as good home remedies for snoring and in most of the cases are very beneficial for curing the problem.

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