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Home Remedies for Poison Oak, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for poison oak provide immediate relief from pain and burning caused by the plant oil and also helps the body in removing the blisters and skin inflammation quickly. Poison oak is a type of plant which is mostly found in Rocky Mountains in America growing as vine or shrub. The leaves are smooth edged and mostly found in cluster of 3, 5 or 7. The appearance of these plants can be different depending on the geographical location and climate but they secrete oil which causes allergy to some people. The oil is so effective that even dead plant and smoke out of burning plants can also cause allergy to people sensitive to this plant. People coming in direct contact with the plant suffer with allergic condition by touching or brushing this plant while walking.

Clothes exposed to this plant can also cause allergy. Pet animals or animals coming in contact with this plant can also cause allergy. Inhaling smoke of burning poison oak shrubs or bushes is also a cause for allergy by poison oak. Home remedies for poison oak are easy and convenient to use hence these provide effective treatment and can control the problem quickly. People who are fond of going outdoors and in green areas shall have knowledge of home remedies for poison oak to prevent any troublesome condition because it can be dangerous if it occurs on face, near mouth, close to eyes or genitals.

The symptoms of poison oak exposure appear within 24-36 hours. This starts as a small bump on the skin and it can be at any part of skin whichever part has contacted the oil of poison oak. The small bump initially caused by poison oak starts to form cluster of small and large blisters and forms a rash on the skin. This rash can crust or ooze and causes severe itching and also burning sensation. The rash can take any shape but usually it forms straight lines as streaks. The skin surrounding rash can also break out appearing as if rash is spreading. People believe that fluid coming out of the rash can also cause another rash or allergy on the skin but it is not true. Home remedies for poison oak can quickly alleviate this condition and provide some measures which are very useful in keeping the allergic condition under control. Home remedies for poison oak become more important as most of the time people suffering with poison oak allergy are far away from medical treatment and it can cause dizziness, difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness and swelling on face in some people.

Clean the affected area with water, ensure that oil is not clinging to any other body part or on clothes and shoes. Wash hands first with water and soap and then the affected part. If one clean the affected part with alcohol it is even better, salt mixed with water is also capable cleaner to wipe off most of the oil from the skin and reduce its intensity. This is the first and is one of the most important home remedies for poison oak.

Aloe vera gel is extremely beneficial for reducing the effects of oil of poison oak on the skin and also for curing the rash. Fresh aloe vera gel can be rubbed by cutting the leaf lengthwise and even its pulp can be rubbed on the affected part for quick alleviation of the problem. If fresh aloe vera gel is not available packed gel can also be used. The treatment through aloe vera gel is one of the most popular home remedies for poison oak.

Apply tea tree oil on the affected part or the rash few times in a day. The properties of tea tree oil are very beneficial in reducing and curing the ill effects of poison oak but regular application for few days is necessary for beneficial results. It is also one of the effective home remedies for poison oak.

Take 3 cups of oatmeal and mix it with warm water to form a paste. Add two teaspoons of salt to this mixture. Apply this paste as pack on the rash and let it stay for at least 30 minutes. Change this pack at least twice in a day. This treatment can reduce the rash and kill the infection in a short time. Rubbing the pulp of watermelon, inner peel of banana and lemon on the rash are other few simple treatments for curing allergy caused by the oil of poison oak. Both of these are effective home remedies for poison oak.

Prepare a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water by mixing them in equal quantities. Apply this mixture on the rash with the help of a cotton ball. The properties of apple cider vinegar are also very beneficial in curing the rash and killing the infection. Apple cider vinegar provides one of the simplest home remedies for poison oak.

Make paste of leaves and stem of jewelweed plant also popularly known as 'touch me not' plant. Apply this paste on the rash, this is highly beneficial in curing poison oak irritation on the skin and rash starts reducing in a short time. This is one of the most effective home remedies for poison oak.

Make a mixture by mixing equal quantities of vinegar and buttermilk. Add substantial quantity of salt to this mixture around two teaspoons for one cup of mixture. Apply this mixture on the rash, it can make person jump on first application but provides soothing effects later and cures rash in a short time if applied regularly. It is one of the popular home remedies for poison oak.

Paste made by mixing baking powder and water is also very beneficial for curing the allergy caused by poison oak. Paste of Epsom salt and water is also an effective treatment for the problem. Some people use honey as topical application for curing poison oak. All of these have been found as effective home remedies for poison oak.

Increased intake of immunity boosting diet is beneficial as it helps the body in removing the infection quickly. Never scratch the rash as it only worsens the condition. Rubbing of ice on the rash can provide immediate relief from itching and burning sensation.

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