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Home Remedies for Poison Ivy, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for poison ivy can effectively alleviate its symptoms and provide relief in a short time. Poison ivy also called as contact dermatitis is inflammation of skin due to allergy caused by an allergen or irritation of the skin due to any substance. Many people are allergic to certain substances and suffer with minor or major rashes and inflammation of skin when coming in contact of such substances. In some cases it has been noticed that people using certain types of substances repeatedly become allergic to them and suffer with poison ivy. Irritant dermatitis is caused by coming in contact of chemicals like those found in soaps, detergents, and washing powder etc. Allergic dermatitis is caused by poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, certain plants, nickel and other metals, medicines like antibiotics, detergents, fabric, rubber, latex, perfumes, chemicals and other substances for which person has become intolerant. Some irritants or allergens show symptoms after sometime or coming in contact of sunrays like shaving lotions, sunscreens, coal tar products etc. Air borne allergens like insecticides can also cause contact dermatitis or poison ivy.

Poison ivy caused due to exposure to irritants shows symptoms like rashes and itching in the affected area and usually these symptoms occur very soon in few hours of contact. Inflammation of skin and skin redness are other symptoms of poison ivy. Tenderness in the affected area, localized swelling and warmth of the exposed area are other symptoms which occur within few hours of exposure to irritant or allergen. Some people experience formation of skin lesions on the exposed area, these lesions can be like pimples, rashes, pustules or blisters, these lesions can burst, drain and can become scaly and thick. Allergic dermatitis may take sometime to show its symptoms, in most of the cases it takes around 24 to 48 hours to show signs of poison ivy caused due to allergens.

Potato has been used in many home remedies for skin infections and irritations and is also very effective in curing poison ivy. Potato provides quick relief in itching, burning and inflammation and helps in curing the problem quickly. Potato meshed in a blender to make a paste and applied on the affected area as many times during the day provides quick relief and works as one of the simple home remedies for poison ivy.

Oatmeal provides another very effective home remedy to cure poison ivy. One can soak the affected area in water mixed with oatmeal or rinse the area with water mixed with oatmeal to get effective treatment to the problem. People also use oatmeal tub baths or Epsom salt tub baths for curing the symptoms of poison ivy, these home remedies also help the body in curing the allergy or irritation of the skin quickly.

Make a paste of water and baking soda and spread it on the affected area, this home remedy shall be tried at least three times in a day to cure poison ivy in a short time. Soaking the affected part in solution of water and baking soda before going to bed can bring in quicker results. Some people also apply coffee on the affected area for quick relief from itching and burning. In some traditional medicine systems washing the affected area with a cup of cold black coffee is used as home remedy for curing poison ivy.

Vinegar works as one of the effective home remedies for poison ivy, skin infections, allergies and inflammation. It has excellent properties to control and cure infections and allergies from plants, animals or substances. Vinegar provides effective home remedy for curing poison ivy too, before applying vinegar wash the affected area thoroughly with water and soap and let it dry, once it is completely dry apply vinegar and allow it to stay for some time. Repeat this application twice in a day for quick alleviation of the problem.

Burdock roots in raw form or in powder form provides easy and very effective home remedy for poison ivy. Boil the roots or powder in water to make tea and allow it to cool down. Once it has cooled off wash the affected area with the tea, later a cloth or towel can be soaked in it to cover the area for few minutes for effective treatment of the problem. Rubbing the inner side of banana peel is also an effective home remedy to control itching and burning sensation caused by poison ivy. Salt can also be rubbed on the affected area, people suggest that this is very effective home remedy to gain relief immediately after exposure of the skin to any irritant or allergen.

Applying aloe vera juice on the affected area is also one of the popular home remedies for poison ivy. Washing the affected area with alcohol or with running water can reduce the intensity of allergy or irritation to a large extent. A very effective home remedy can be prepared by mixing one-fourth cup of bleach with three-fourth cup of warm water, soak a clean piece of cloth in the mixture and wash the affected area with the cloth, this remedy can immediately provide relief from the symptoms and can kill the infection within 2-3 days to cure poison ivy.

Juice of the hollow portion of jewelweed provides one of the efficient home remedies for poison ivy. The juice extracted out of the hollow portion of jewelweed shall be applied directly on the affected area regularly. This remedy can kill the infection within 3 days. Witch hazel has been used in various remedies to control skin inflammation and infections, it provides effective home remedy for poison ivy too, topical application of witch hazel few times in a day provides cure in a short time.

Intake of diet rich in vitamin C and zinc is very beneficial for a person suffering with poison ivy. It is suggested that a person should try and find out irritants and allergens which can cause rashes and inflammation of the skin, once identified, exposure to these substances shall be avoided to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem. Increased intake of foods like milk, carrots and banana is very beneficial for stopping the infection from spreading and curing it quickly.

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