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Home Remedies for Pink Eye, Natural Remedy

Pink Eye or conjunctivitis can be caused by infections and by other reasons, it can affect person of any age, for proper treatment of the problem home remedies are considered as the best ways since these remedies are safe and natural. Pink eye is redness or inflammation of conjunctiva or the membrane over white part of the eye and membrane below eyelids. This membrane forms a layer over white part of the eye and is reactive to many agents. Its symptoms are intense itching, redness, pain and inflammation of the eyelids. Watery discharge from the eye is another symptom of pink eye which may be of different colors depending upon the cause of infection. Young people suffering with pink eye may face stuck shut eye in the morning due to eyelids getting glued to each other by watery discharge from the eye. When caused by viral infection pink eye is accompanied by cold, running nose and sinus like symptoms. Looking at bright light can cause pain which is also a symptom of pink eye along with other symptoms of the problem.

The causes of pink eye can be classified into two - one caused by infections and other caused by non-infectious agents. Viral, bacterial infections and problems like Chlamydia are infectious causes of pink eye whereas allergies with dust, seasonal pollens and animal dander, irritating substances like household cleaners, sprays of any kind, smoke, industrial pollutants, foreign objects entering the eyes, smog, diseases like rheumatic disorders, ulcerative colitis, inflamed bowel disease, systemic lupus, crohn's disease and problems like subconjuctival hemorrhage are other causes of pink eye. Home remedies are effective treatment for all types of causes of pink eye.

One of the easiest home remedies for pink eye is provided by honey. Drop 2-3 drops of honey in the eyes, honey carries very powerful anti-bacterial properties and can cure pink eye effectively. Using honey as eyewash is another remedy, mix two tablespoons of honey in two cups of water and stir till they mix well. Use this mixture as eyewash for quick alleviation of the problem.

One teaspoon of chamomile flowers added in a cup of pre-boiled water, allow this mixture to stay till it cools down and wash eyes with this. It is an effective home remedy for pink eye. Using water boiled with fennel seeds after cooling for eyewash is another remedy for the problem.

Indian gooseberry provides very effective home remedy for curing pink eye. Mix two tablespoons of fresh juice of Indian Gooseberry with one teaspoon of honey and consume this twice a day for curing the infection, inflammation and redness caused by pink eye. Take coriander seeds and mix them in a cup of water, allow it to stay overnight. In the morning strain this mixture and use the water for washing the eyes. This water imparts cooling effects and relieves itching and pain immediately.

Aloe vera juice provides simple home remedy for pink eye. Few drops of aloe vera juice in the eyes help in treating pink eye. Aloe juice can be used to soak eyes after dipping a cotton ball in the juice and placing it over the eyes or it can be used for eyewash too. Another effective home remedy for treating pink eye is using mixture of distilled water and cider vinegar as drops before going to bed regularly for three to four days.

Slices of potato provide soothing effects when placed on the eyes, some people also use poultices of fresh raw potato to place on the eyes for curing pink eyes. The poultices shall be kept for at least 20 minutes every night before sleeping and for at least three to four nights regularly. Poultices of yoghurt are also used by many people as home remedies for pink eye. Make sure yoghurt is fresh, it is very useful home remedy to reduce inflammation of the eyes caused due to conjunctivitis or pink eye.

One can prepare a solution for eyewash as well as for soaking eyes to cure pink eye. This solution is prepared by mixing two teaspoons of root bark of barberry in powdered form with one cup of water and boiling this mixture for 20-30 minutes on a low flame. Strain this mixture and use the water for eyewash after cooling or dip a small cloth or towel in this water and place it over eyes for few minutes and repeat this 3-4 times every day. This is one of the useful home remedies for pink eye as root bark of barberry contains strong antibacterial properties to cure the infection.

Soaking eyes with boric acid is one of the popular home remedies for pink eyes. This remedy is used by many people since a long time for beneficial results. The solution required for soaking the eyes can be prepared by mixing one teaspoon of boric acid in one quart of water and boiling it for few minutes. Allow this boiled mixture to cool down to room temperature, soak a piece of cloth or small towel in the mixture and place it over the eyes. Repeat this few times for curing pink eye effectively and quickly.

Cleaning eyes with artificial tears available in the market is one of the simple home remedies for pink eye. Putting one or two drops of castor oil in the eyes also treat the problem very well. Washing eyes with one teaspoon of baking soda mixed with two cups of water also provides quick relief from the symptoms of pink eye and curing the infection quickly.

Increased intake of fruits and vegetables like cabbage, spinach, carrots and peas is very beneficial for helping the body to cure the infection and reduce pain, itching and inflammation quickly caused by pink eye. Eating supportive diet works as home remedy for curing pink eyes. Milk and milk products, mango and tomatoes are also very useful in curing the problem of pink eye. One should take certain precautions during the infection like avoid rubbing the eyes strictly, use clean cloth or towel every time, never touch the eyes without washing hands thoroughly and avoid watching TV, reading or working on computer for long time to cure the problem quickly and without creating any other complications.

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