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Home Remedies for Osteoporosis, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for osteoporosis can reduce the risk involved with the disease, also slow down the process of thinning of bones and allow a person to lead normal life. Osteoporosis is a bone disease which leads to thinning and weakening of bones and reduction in bone density to increase risk of fractures. This disease is quite prevalent in developed countries and is more common in women compared to men. WHO defines osteoporosis as a condition where bone density has been reduced below 2.5 or more standard deviations than mean peak bone mass of a person. Osteoporosis causes reduction in the bone mineral density, deteriorates bone micro-architecture and decrease quantity and variety of proteins in the bones. Home remedies for osteoporosis are natural ways to supplement the bones with necessary nutrients, slow down the deterioration of bones and increase density to reduce the risks involved with the disease drastically.

Osteoporosis occurs when body fails to form new bones. Forming new bones and removing old bones is an ongoing process in human body. Due to age the process of forming new bones slow down to cause reduction in bone density leading to osteoporosis. Lack of availability of minerals like calcium and phosphate, vital for forming bones, also cause osteoporosis. Due to disorders or age the minerals like calcium and phosphate get reabsorbed by the body leading to deterioration in bone density, this is another cause of osteoporosis. Women during premenopausal phase or postmenopausal phase suffer with low estrogen which causes osteoporosis. Certain drugs and medicines also induce osteoporosis. Rheumatic arthritis, kidney diseases, prostrate cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, too much alcohol intake, ageing, smoking, disturbed menstrual period, hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, genetic factors and confinement to bed for long time are other commonly found causes of osteoporosis.

Home remedies for osteoporosis can relieve the symptoms of the problem caused due to any of these reasons effectively. Change in the posture, reduced smoothness in movements particularly while getting up or bending down, fractures with no or very less trauma, tenderness or pain in bones, loss of height, low back pain due to fractures, neck pain due to factures and stooped posture are commonly found symptoms of osteoporosis. Thinning of hands and legs are also signs of possible start of the problem though these are symptoms of various other types of disorders and diseases too. Home remedies for osteoporosis are useful and effective for any person of any age suffering with any of these symptoms.

Milk provides one of the excellent home remedies for osteoporosis. Milk is the most easily available and convenient diet a person can get to regain bone density and particularly for people who are above 50 years of age or for women approaching menopause. Consume two glasses of warm milk dividing it into 5 parts in a day regularly. This not only work as one of the effective home remedies for osteoporosis but also prevent shedding and deterioration of bones of the body.

Calcium supplements are available in the market, one can take calcium supplements and include milk, almonds and whole grain in the diet necessarily to supplement the body with all the vital minerals which are required to form new bones and prevent their deterioration. Calcium supplements with supportive diet provide wholesome treatment to the problem and work as one of the most effective home remedies for osteoporosis.

Eating two ripe bananas in the morning with glass of milk is one of the simplest home remedies for osteoporosis. Banana contains high potassium content and supplements the body with this necessary mineral to maintain bone strength and density.

Dandelion leaf tea also provides one of the effective home remedies for osteoporosis. Consuming 250 gram of chaste berry extract for at least two to three months regularly is another one of the most effective home remedies for osteoporosis.

Soak 10-12 pieces of almonds in hot water for couple of hours. Later peel off these almonds and grind them to form a paste, add this paste to goat's milk or cow's milk or even soy milk to consume once in a day for effectively countering symptoms of osteoporosis. This is one of the oldest home remedies for osteoporosis.

Consume two teaspoons of peanut butter everyday. Peanut butter supplements the body with magnesium which is vital mineral for strengthening, preserving and building bones. Regular intake of peanut butter works as one of the simplest home remedies for osteoporosis.

Diet plays an important role in curing the problem and it is one of the most effective home remedies for osteoporosis. Include broccoli, milk, figs, yoghurt, banana, apple, spinach, collards, kale, romaine lettuce, margarine and beans in the diet necessarily for curing and preventing osteoporosis. Include fruits like banana, apples, pineapples, oranges and figs everyday for supplementing the body with vital and essential minerals and nutrients to prevent bones from shedding and weakening. Make a diet with soy products to avoid weakening of bones due to menopause, soy products maintain the level of estrogen in the body to prevent deterioration of bone density.

Whole grains, nuts, shellfish, legumes, almonds, honey, lean meat and cheese are other food items which are beneficial for preventing and curing osteoporosis. An effective diet is one of the most capable home remedies for osteoporosis. One can prepare a weekly diet chart for himself by including above mentioned food items and fruits according to one's convenience and suitability for ensuring supplementation of essential minerals on regular basis to cure and prevent osteoporosis.

Exercises are other very efficient ways of preventing and also curing osteoporosis. One must choose exercises according to body's capacity. Weight bearing exercises like walking and jogging are reckoned as best exercises for people suffering with osteoporosis. Start with mild and short distance walks and gradually increase the pace, distance and duration. Ideally a walk of 30 minutes is good enough to relieve the symptoms and resolve the problem to a large extent. Water walking is another exercise which is highly recommended for people suffering with osteoporosis. Get down in chest deep still water and walk, the resistance provided by the water exerts just right kind of pressure on the musculoskeletal system to provide strength and maintain the capacity of bones. Support exercises with proper and supportive diet for quicker results.

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