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Home Remedies for Nail Fungus, Natural Remedy

Fungal infection affecting the skin under nails causes a painful condition which can be effectively cured by using home remedies for nail fungus. When fungi infects one or more nails of a person the infection may begin as yellow or white colored spot under the tip of the nail which later spreads further inside and causes discoloration and crumbling edges. This is a painful condition and hurts even when person walks, person suffers with wave of pain if affected nail touches anything even things like socks or bed sheet. Apart from pain the appearance of discolored nail can cause social embarrassment. Some women and even men try to hide or cover the nail by using nail polish which is a harmful thing to do as it can aggravate the problem even further and can slow down the efforts of the body to cure the infection. Treating the problem with home remedies for nail fungus can provide positive effects in a short time.

Yellow or white colored spot under the tip of toenail is first symptom of nail fungus, if a person can identify and treat the problem with home remedies for nail fungus at this stage it gets cured easily and without much of a problem. When infection spreads, thickening of nail and its discoloration occurs. Nail loosing luster and shine and looking dull is also a symptom of nail fungus. Crumbling edges, detachment of nail from nail bed, foul odor, brittle nail and nail becoming dark in color are other symptoms of nail fungus which occur with the spread of infection. Some people may also have swelling and severe pain which does not allow them to wear shoes or walk comfortably.

Fungi are microorganisms which survive in warm and moist area and do not need sunlight to survive, some fungi are good but some are bad for human health and fungi causing nail fungus is one of the harmful type of fungi. Continuous exposure to warmth and moisture is biggest cause of nail fungus. Fungi affect toenails than fingernails because toe nails are mostly kept in warm and moist environment inside shoes. Infected water in swimming pool or showers causes nail fungus. Dirty socks, shoes and walking barefooted also allow fungi to infect the skin under nails. Lesser blood flow in toes due to tight shoes also cause nail fungus. Home remedies for nail fungus can cure this problem caused by any of these reasons and prevent it from resurfacing.

There are few very effective home remedies for nail fungus. Apple cider vinegar is one of them. Make a mixture by mixing one part of vinegar with two parts of water, dip the affected fingernail in this solution for 20 minutes everyday. Wipe the feet later and allow it to dry in air. This is one of the most effective and easy home remedies for nail fungus which inhibits the fungal activity and controls infection.

Mouthwash used for killing bacteria residing in dentures also provides effective home remedies for nail fungus. Dip the fingernail in mouthwash for 20 minutes everyday to control the activity of fungi and control the infection. One can also use iodine for similar effects, washing feet with hydrogen peroxide is also one of the famous home remedies for nail fungus and very effective in nature.

Mix Vicks Vaporub with oregano oil to make a paste, rub this mixture on the feet to cure nail fungus. It is reckoned as one of the most effective home remedies for nail fungus. Rubbing tea tree oil is also very beneficial for curing nail fungus as this oil possesses strong anti-bacterial properties. Make sure that tea tree oil or mixture of Vicks and oregano does not reach under the nail as these can provide moist environment for fungus to grow.

If one can do this, soaking feet in sunlight is very good for curing and preventing nail fungus. In the morning wash feet with anti-bacterial soap and wipe them well to dry them completely. Sit out in the open with sunlight falling on the feet, put legs on table or at higher level so that sunlight reaches base of the feet. One can do this while reading newspaper or sipping morning tea or coffee and side by side curing the infection. This may not be one of the home remedies for nail fungus which can cure the infection quickly but it is extremely beneficial for preventing it from resurfacing.

Mixture of bleach and water in equal parts is also an effective treatment for curing nail fungus. One can also apply alcohol on the nails and feet for curing the infection and keeping skin of feet free of microorganisms to prevent infection in future. Ensure that one stays barefooted till the mixture or alcohol does not dry off completely. These are couple of trusted home remedies for nail fungus.

Some precautions also work as effective home remedies for nail fungus. Wear cotton socks instead of synthetic socks as synthetic locks the moisture and provides suitable environment for fungus to breed. Never wear shoes till feet are not completely dry, just wiping them off does not dry them completely, allow them to stay in open air for sometime after wiping them well with towel after shower and before wearing shoes. People who perspire heavily shall take care of their feet and avoid wearing shoes for long time at one stretch. If this is necessary put some Epsom salt in the socks to avoid infection. Do not wear tight shoes as this reduces blood flow to the toe which does not allow the body to identify and cure the infection. Avoid walking barefooted in moist and watery places. These precautions not only help the body in curing infection but also prevent it from resurfacing and work as effective home remedies for nail fungus.

Diet also plays a crucial role in curing nail fungus and is reckoned as one of the effective home remedies for nail fungus. Increased intake of yoghurt and kefir supplement the body with probiotics which helps in controlling and repelling the infection. Increased intake of food like soy, broccoli and onion is extremely beneficial for nail health and prevent nail fungus. Foods rich in protein, folic acid and vitamin C are very good for countering and controlling infection. Drink lot of water during the day to stay hydrated and curing the infections.

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