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Home Remedies for Mood Swings, Natural Remedy

Sudden changes in mood of a person without any identifiable cause slowly destabilize his or her personality, home remedies for mood swings are easy to use and free of side effects even after prolonged and regular use. Mood swings are excessive or abrupt changes in the mood from euphoria to sadness or vice versa. Sometimes mood changes are provoked by the circumstances or events but reaction of the victim is out of proportion, but mostly mood swings occur with no apparent reason. Mood swings can be symptoms of serious and even life threatening underlying medical condition or symptoms of changes in the chemistry of the body or occur due to disorders in the body. Whatever may be the reason mood swings need immediate attention and using home remedies for mood swings can be safe and effective way of getting out of the problem.

Menstruation and menopause are biggest causes of mood swings in women. During menstruation cycle or on arrival of menopause women suffer with hormonal fluctuations causing sudden and abrupt changes in the mood. Males and females while achieving puberty may also suffer with mood swings due to hormonal fluctuations and surges. Stress is another one of the biggest cause of mood swings, physical or mental stress can change the person's mood in short intervals. Mood swings are symptoms of a serious condition called as bipolar depression, this is another cause of mood swings. People suffering or experiencing attention-deficit hyperactive disorder may also suffer with mood swings. Borderline personality disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, post-partum disorder, brain tumors. Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, head injury, medication side effects, pregnancy, substance abuse and sleep disorders are also known causes of mood swings.

Home remedies for mood swings can help effectively in resolving the problem safely and naturally. There are many symptoms of mood swings apart from sudden changes in the mood like - anxiety, irritability, confusion, forgetfulness, poor concentration, racing thoughts and speech, problems while talking, speaking, memorizing, and poor judgment are few commonly found symptoms of mood swings. Some people may also experience problems while reading or writing, nausea, weight changes, appetite changes, shortness of breath, missed menstrual cycles, fatigue and incontinence. Home remedies for mood swings can relieve the symptoms and can provide relief to allow a person lead normal life.

Drinking an infusion of passion flower once in day is one of the wonderful home remedies for mood swings. Take a tablespoon of passion flower and boil them in a glass of water on a low flame for few minutes. Strain the mixture and allow it to cool down. Drink this mixture once in a day for effectively alleviating mood swings. One can keep a pack of passion flower close to bed on the head side or under the pillow, this provides restful sleep and promotes calmness which counters mood swings occurring due to stress. It is also one of the popular home remedies for mood swings.

Winter cherry powder is available in the market easily, take a teaspoon of winter cherry and mix it with honey, lick the paste with finger slowly once in a day and preferably on an empty stomach. This is one of the magical home remedies for mood swings. Winter cherry is very capable herb which can increase mental clarity and alertness and also promotes energy levels to provide stable mood and prevent mood swings.

Talking about the problem is one of the best and simplest home remedies for mood swings. Whenever one feel confused or puzzled about an outcome or consequence of any event or activity, talking about it with a family member or a friend works magically to calm down the rising irritation and depression. Some medical experts suggest that recording the narration in a tape recorder in absence of a person to talk also works well for releasing the building tension.

Exercise regularly at least for 20 minutes. Exercises can be chosen according to body's capacity or doctor's advice. Regular exercises keep body and internal system fit and helps the body in flushing out toxins and free radicals to maintain proper health. Exercises also promote calmness and provide sound sleep for countering mood swings. Regular exercises are one of the better home remedies for mood swings for both men and women.

Women facing problems during or after menstrual cycle or experiencing menopausal symptoms do suffer with mood swings. Consume more oatmeal and pumpkin seeds for effectively reducing mood swings and also for reducing menstrual problems as well as for calming menopausal symptoms.
One of the simplest and effective home remedies for mood swings in women is provided by black pepper. Add a teaspoon of black pepper in a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and consume this mixture in three times in a day. This relieves pain, cramps and aches in the body and calms down irritation to prevent mood swings.

Consume avocado, dates, plums, papaya, pineapple and plantains as much as possible, preparing a platter with these fruits and consuming it in the morning forms ideal breakfast and provides one of the tastiest home remedies for mood swings. Foods like wheat, bran, oats, beans, corns, potatoes and other grains are excellent foods for calming mood swings. Completely avoid alcohol, caffeine, tea and soda and also cut down intake of sugar to minimum for quick relief. Include sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and green vegetables in the diet to get relief from mood swings. Fish, brown rice, soybeans, milk and walnuts are also very effective food items to alleviate mood swings. Eat more of banana, tomatoes, black currant, broccoli and onions in the diet to support the body to maintain proper functioning of mind and body to counter triggers of mood swings. Eating proper and supportive diet is one of the best home remedies for mood swings.

Stay active and keep yourself mentally engaged. Yoga and breathing exercises are excellent stress busters and work as effective remedy to calm mood swings and reduce their frequency by much. Even aerobics and exercises like swimming and cycling can be very relaxing and effective in countering triggers of mood swings. Massages with essential oils are also very beneficial and getting involved in any activity which is relaxing at least once in a day also works well for promoting relaxation. This helps in keeping stress and depression away and helps the body in countering mood swings.

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