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Home Remedies for Illness, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for illness can work like magic, these are free of side effects natural and almost inexpensive ways of keeping fit and healthy. Illness can be physical, adaptive response and mental. Normally people and medical experts relate state of illness with weak and poor immunity system which more or less is a complete explanation. Adaptive response is body's reaction like fever, when any viral or bacterial infection invades the body and immunity system raises the temperature to inhibit the spread of infection. Even this state is treated as state of illness. The state of poor health where a person's body is unable to counter simple infections and succumb to them over and over again is a symptom of illness. Reduced mental alertness, memory, mental confusion, sleeping disorder, hyperactivity disorder etc are also symptoms of illness. Deviation of the body from its normal functioning to give rise to any ailment or disorder is also a symptom illness like constipation, arthritis, diabetes etc. The symptoms of illness can be normal to serious like constipation can be treated as normal illness compared to diabetes or arthritis but all of these are symptoms of illness. Home remedies for illness are the best treatments as these cast all round effects, promote general well being and enhance immunity system to maintain health and bring a person out of state of illness.

Genetic factors, diet, lifestyle, deformity by birth, deficiencies, poor organ functioning, poor immunity system, environmental pollutants, exposure to harmful substances, habits and metabolic disorders, all of these are commonly found causes of illness. If every cause of illness is not curable then their ill effects on health can be certainly controlled and reduced by home remedies for illness. The beauty of home remedies for illness is that these are suitable for person of any age and are completely safe if proper precautions are taken, and these remedies do not contradict with any ongoing treatment.

Use of garlic as spice or supplement is one of the effective home remedies for illness. Garlic is not consumed by many due to its smell and some false notions like it promotes body odor but it is an excellent supplement. Regular consumption of garlic promotes blood flow in the body, supplements the body with anti-oxidants and improves digestion by regulating gas formation and promoting digestive enzyme secretion. Crush few cloves of garlic and use them while cooking the food or consume in raw form with water for keeping illnesses at bay. Regular use of garlic provides one of the most effective home remedies for illness.

Regular use of ginger in the diet provides many health benefits, it can treat and prevent various disorders related to digestion and bile secretion for sound and upbeat health. Use few pieces in salad in raw form, drink tea mixed with garlic slices regularly or use it as a taste enhancer by frying few slices in clarified butter and adding a pinch of turmeric powder. Use of ginger prevents acid reflux, promotes smooth bowel movements, enhances immunity system and provides many other health benefits to work as one of the great home remedies for illness.

Consume a glass of cranberry, blueberry or pineapple juice regularly as a part of diet and also as a part of home remedies for illness. These fruits contain natural substances for keeping urinary tract free of infections. This is very beneficial for women as they are more prone to suffer with UTI. Pineapple contains bromelain and works as natural and very effective anti-inflammatory agent to cure internal swellings and inflammations for smooth and sound excretory, urinary and reproductive system.

Consume a glass of wheatgrass juice for detoxifying colon, curing constipation, curing mouth ulcers, sore throat, increasing RBC count, nourished and healthy skin and supplementing the body with folic acid and vitamin B12. Making juice of wheatgrass is simple, take some wheatgrass soak with water and grind it with something heavy, do not grind it in grinder. Strain the water in a cup and repeat the process, keep grinding the grass till it turns white in color. Drinking this juice provides immense health benefits and works as one of the most effective home remedies for illness.

Form a diet and consume it as one meal of the day by including cabbage, spinach, carrots, ginger and steamed maize, take one bowl mixed with slices of papaya, pineapple and apple add a teaspoon of honey to this bowl. Take a glass of lemon juice mixed with black salt or no salt at all. Consume this meal for controlling cholesterol, improving digestion, inhibiting free radicals and as colon cleansing diet. This forms one of the effective home remedies for illness by keeping vital systems and organs free of toxins and in sound health.

Drink sufficient quantity of water during the day, at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday is very necessary for good health. Drink green tea in place of regular tea, drink buttermilk in place of beverages and use olive oil for cooking. These practices are also effective home remedies for illness. Chew fennel seeds after meals, include turmeric as spice while cooking, and eat soybean products and a cup of curd everyday with diet for keeping internal systems healthy and body toxin free. Including these as habits in the daily routine are simple home remedies for illness.

Regular exercises particularly cardio-vascular exercises are also a part of healthy lifestyle. Cardio exercises are extremely beneficial for heart's health and increase energy level of the body. Yoga and meditation are excellent stress busting exercises, practice these for getting sound and restful sleep and mental relaxation to keep mental illnesses away. Avoid caffeine, spicy, greasy and refined foods as much as possible. Avoid use of antibiotics, antacids, laxatives and anti-inflammatory medicines as much as possible unless very necessary to prevent ill effects of these medicine on health, try to use natural remedies for curing the problem and by elevating natural systems of the body. Always eat seasonal fruits during the season, in Ayurveda such fruits are reckoned as gift of nature for providing the body with nutrients which may not be easily available through normal diet in other part of the year. Develop good eating habits like chewing well before swallowing, drinking some water with meals and not eating in a hurry. All of these form very effective home remedies for illness.

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