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Home Remedies for Hair Growth, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for hair growth can remove the hindrances stopping hairs from growing at normal rate and can even increase the rate to cure bald spots and provide healthy hairs. Hair growth rate is considered by most of the people as something which a person inherits, to a large extent this is true, but one cannot ignore other factors which can increase and decrease hair growth rate in a person. Normally in a healthy person hair grow at a rate of half an inch per month but at the same time person looses 100 hairs every day. There are certain factors which can cause slow growth rate of hairs, with slow growth of hairs one looks like having lesser number of hairs which is not a favorable condition for attractive appearance of a person. Home remedies for hair growth can maintain healthy growth rate of hairs throughout their life span and also maintain proper health of hairs to prevent hair loss and breakage.

Nutrition plays an important role in determining hair growth in a person. Exercises are important tool for promoting healthy hair growth as exercises are helpful in maintaining proper skin health which improves hair growth and its health. Too much use of hair styling gels, creams and dryer also affect growth rate of hairs, people suffering with disease like anemia, regular skin infections, taking prolonged treatment for any disease or suffering with problems like depression or stress tend to lose lot of hair and also have slow hair growth. Too much brushing, combing, washing and exposure to sun, air and mineral rich water are also few causes of slow hair growth. Home remedies for hair growth are extremely beneficial and useful in addressing all the causes which can slow down the hair growth.

Oils provide very effective home remedies for hair growth. One of the most effective home remedies for hair growth, improving health of the scalp, promoting hair growth on bald patches, improving health of hairs and also for increasing thickness and strength of hairs to prevent them from falling quickly, can be made by mixing margosa oil, tea tree oil, rosemary essential oil and lavender oil. Take half teaspoon each of margosa oil and tea tree oil, 15 drops each of rosemary essential oil and lavender oil. Mix these oils with one cup of warm distilled water, shake this mixture well before use as oils do not mix readily with water. Apply this mixture on hairs and scalp with fingertips and take this remedy at least twice in a week. It is one of the most effective home remedies for hair growth.

Coconut oil, jojoba essential oil, rosemary essential oil and lavender oil provide excellent home remedies for hair growth. Massage the scalp with fingertips with any of these oils and leave it for at least 30 minutes, later wash them off with water and mild shampoo. Take this treatment at least twice in a week for getting healthy hair growth rate.

Onion also provides effective home remedies for hair growth. Mince an onion and mix it with the shampoo, let this mixture stand for 15 days. After 15 days use this shampoo for washing hairs, on regular use this remedy can promote healthy hair growth and improve thickness and shine of the hairs. Cut a red onion in two pieces, add 4-5 crushed garlic cloves and two sticks of cinnamon boil this mixture with water for at least 15 minutes. Wash hairs with this infusion for four days regularly.

Though henna has been used for coloring hair since ancient times but it can also provide nourishment to hairs to promote sound hair health and is one of the oldest home remedies for hair growth. Dip a tea bag in a cup of hot water, let the tea flow out of the bag like one would do to make a cup of tea for drinking. On cooling mix this water with 2-3 three teaspoons of henna to form a paste. Apply this mixture as hair mask and allow it to stay till it dries down completely. Once dried, wash it off with plain water. Take this treatment twice a week to improve hair health and increase its growth rate.

Mixture of aloe vera and honey is another one of the most effective home remedies for hair growth. Take three leaves of aloe vera and cut them to scrape off the gel. Mix this gel with honey and apply to the scalp, massage well with fingertips and allow it to stay for at least 20 minutes. Later wash it off with plain water. Aloe leaves alone can also provide very effective home remedies for hair growth, cut few leaves of aloe vera and leave them in some water overnight. In the morning rinse hairs with the water and wait till it dries off on its own. This remedy improves hair health and also increases growth.

Take few potatoes, 2-3 in number, peel them off and cut them in four pieces. Put these pieces of potatoes in a stainless steel utensil and boil them in water on a low flame, cover the utensil and once potatoes are cooked let this water cool down in the same utensil. After cooling rinse and wash hair and scalp with the water. This is also reckoned as one of the most effective home remedies for hair growth.
Diet can also promote hair growth and provides effective home remedies for hair growth. A very popular remedy can be made by mixing one tablespoon each of wheat germ, soy lecithin, honey and brewer's yeast, add these in a cup of yoghurt. Eat this before breakfast every day. Within a week one can notice the higher growth rate of hairs.

Reflexology is an effective exercise and one of the most popular home remedies for hair growth. Place your hands in semi fist position in front of your chest with finger nails of one hand touching fingernails of other hand. Buff the nails against each other back and forth. This exercise is well known to promote hair growth. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, acidic foods and caffeine intake. Avoid shampoo and creams and gels containing lot of chemicals, prefer herbal shampoo and styling creams. Keep use of dryer and curler as less as possible, do not sleep with wet hairs and use wide toothed comb for avoiding breaking and weakening of hairs.

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