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Home Remedies for Genital Warts, Natural Remedy

There are around 70 types of HPV or human papilloma virus and most of them can cause the problem of warts in genital area, home remedies for genital warts can relieve the symptoms and control the virus to provide safe and effective cure to the problem. Wart like growth on the skin or on mucus membrane of the genitals is called as genital warts. These are like bumps on the skin which can form a cauliflower like shape when occur in cluster. These are painless growth on the skin and this infection is contracted through intimate contact. They are flesh colored and can be raised, flat, small and large. Appearance or absence of warts does not necessarily means that person is free of genital wart causing virus because virus can take few weeks to few months to form warts. And it is not necessary either that person getting infected with HPV will have genital warts. Sometimes these warts are so small that they cannot be seen by naked eye. These warts can become life threatening in some rare cases.

Males or females contract infection through intimate contact to get affected by genital warts. In women, warts appear in and around vagina, in and around anus or on the cervix while in males genital warts appear on male organ, scortum, groin or thigh. Both males and females can have warts on lips, mouth, tongue, throat and palate. Itching or burning sensation around the genital area, discomfort during lovemaking, red, blue or pink color around genital area and women may also have symptoms like excessive discharge. The area around warts can become moist in some cases.

Home remedies for genital warts can remove these lesions or bumps in a short time. The infection causing warts is contagious and spreads through vaginal, oral and anal contact. Once person is infected he or she does not see any symptoms at all till warts appear and not everyone infected with virus experiences warts. In fact most of the people infected with HPV do not have warts. Unprotected intimate relationship, having multiple relations, using tobacco, too much alcohol intake, suffering with viral infections, over stress and pregnant women are at higher risk of contracting HPV infection causing genital warts. Home remedies provide protection and help the body in controlling and nullifying the effects of virus very effectively.

Vitamin E oil and garlic paste provide one of the most effective home remedies for genital warts. This remedy is extremely beneficial in removing the warts and improving the health of the skin to prevent spreading of infection. Wash the skin with vitamin E oil and crush few cloves of garlic to form a paste, after washing the skin with vitamin E oil apply garlic paste on the warts directly and bandage it to keep it in place. Change the dressing twice in a day and wash and apply fresh paste every time, the warts will fall off within a week.

Juices also provide few very effective home remedies for genital warts. Mix few pieces of onion and a pinch of salt and keep overnight, in the morning apply the juice of onion on the warts, it might cause some discomfort if area around the warts is swollen or have rashes. Tying pieces of onion on the warts with a bandage after applying the juice of it brings even quicker results. Dabbing a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and wiping warts with it cleanse and remove dead cell of the warts to reduce and make them disappear quickly. Applying milky juice of figs two to three times in a day is also very effective treatment to cure warts in a short time. All of these are excellent home remedies for genital warts and quite simple ones.

Applying fresh aloe vera gel on the warts is another one of the few effective home remedies for genital warts. Cut few leaves of aloe vera and scrape the gel out, apply the gel on the warts to help the body in healing and reducing the activity of virus very effectively. Rubbing the warts with banana peel or tying banana peel to the warts with a bandage is one of the simple home remedies for genital warts.

Pineapple and papaya also contain effective enzymes which are very useful in treating warts. These fruits can be used for external treatment by applying them directly on the warts and bandaging them, change the dressing at least twice in a day for curing the problem quickly. Both of these fruits form effective home remedies for genital warts.

Rubbing vitamin A oil on the warts is also reckoned as one of the effective home remedies for genital warts which can check the infection as well as help in shedding the warts quickly. Just like vitamin E oil vitamin A also inhibits viral activity and cures the infection in a short time.

Diet can play a crucial role in curing genital warts and also in preventing occurring of warts. Increased intake of fruits and fruit juices is the best diet person can have to prevent genital warts and control the virus. Consume more of fruits like banana, oranges and lemon with the diet to keep virus activity to minimum. India gooseberry has rich vitamin C content and its intake is extremely beneficial for better immunity system which in turn cures and control viral and bacterial infections. Increased intake of tomatoes, papaya, pineapple, mango, colorful peppers and green leafy vegetables like spinach are very useful for curing the problem and works as effective home remedies for genital warts. Avoid all types of nuts like peanuts, sunflower seeds etc as most of them are high in arginine which can facilitate an outbreak. Avoid alcohol and even beer, coffee intake shall be kept to minimum and dairy products like cheese and yoghurt are high in arginine too hence shall be avoided completely. Cereals also trigger an outbreak hence these shall be avoided too to prevent occurrence of warts. Behavioral precautions like avoiding skin to skin contact with strangers and practicing safe and protected intimate relation is very much important in preventing the infection and also to check it from spreading.

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