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Home Remedies for Fibroids, Natural Remedy

Fibroids are most commonly found benign tumors which affect many women during middle or later reproductive years. Home remedies for fibroids are safe and natural ways to resolve the problem. Fibroids also known as uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors which occur in uterus originating from myometrium and accompanying connective tissue. These fibroids are multiple and their size varies from microscopic to as big as grapefruit. Some women having fibroids of large size can even feel them through abdominal skin. Generally fibroids are asymptomatic but their growth and location determines whether fibroids are symptomatic or not. Home remedies for fibroids are potent remedies for alleviating the problem without causing any side effects.

The exact cause of fibroids is unknown and it has been found to run in the families. Women having a family history of fibroids are prone to suffer with this problem. The growth of fibroids is slow and they can occur at the age of 20 at the earliest and can occur till a woman reaches menopause. The availability of estrogen hormone is believed to be the contributing factor in their growth, fibroids shrink after women has passed menopause due to non-availability of estrogen in large quantities. Obesity, start of menstrual cycle earlier than the age of 10, not giving birth to a child, eating too much fish, meat and dairy products, exposure to herbicides and pesticides and packed foods are known causes of fibroids which increase chances of occurrence of the problem in a woman. Home remedies for fibroids can relieve the problem effectively occurring due to any of these reasons.

Mostly fibroids are asymptomatic but their location and size can define whether these will show any symptoms or not. On the basis of location and size fibroids have been classified into four categories. Intramural fibroids are located within the walls of uterus and grow inwards, unless they become large they are asymptomatic. On growth these can extend the uterus cavity and can cause distortion of the uterus. Subserosal fibroids are located underneath the mucosal surface and can become very large. If they grow in papillary manner, these can get detached from the uterus and float like parasitic fibroids. Submucosal fibroids are located underneath the muscle of endometrium of uterus and even a small lesion can cause bleeding, pain and infertility. The fourth type of fibroids is cervical fibroids located in the cervix of uterus. Women feeling stabbing pain in the abdomen while bending down or heaviness around uterus may have fibroids. Home remedies for fibroids are very useful and safe treatments to the problem and have been found effective in relieving the problems caused by all the types of fibroids.

Squeeze two teaspoons of lemon and mix it in a glass of water, add a teaspoon of baking soda to the mixture and consume. Take this remedy three to four times in a day regularly, this reduces size of fibroids. The solution prepared by lemon and baking soda is alkaline in nature and their effects promote healthy glandular functions to reduce the problem in a short time without any side effects. This works as one of the wonderful home remedies for fibroids and shall be taken for sufficient duration.

Chew 4-5 crushed garlic cloves everyday and race them down with a glass of water. It is not one of the tastiest home remedies for fibroids but an effective one. Garlic is a rich source of anti-oxidants which keeps female hormones in balance. Eating raw onion with meals is also very useful in treating fibroids.
Consume one teaspoon of flaxseeds everyday, flaxseeds are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids which is very useful in shrinking fibroids. Consuming sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds is also very beneficial and all of these work as effective home remedies for fibroids.

Three cups of passion flower tea everyday can show wonderful results in a short time. Passion flower infusion is well known and one of the most popular home remedies for fibroids. Chaste berry and red clover teas are also very beneficial and their regular consumption three to four times in a day can work wonders in shrinking fibroids and alleviating the problem. These are few trusted home remedies for fibroids used since a long time.

Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and add a teaspoon of baking soda to the mixture, drink it as quickly as possible. This is another one of the most effective home remedies for fibroids. It works by promoting healthy glandular functions and shows its effects in a short time.
India gooseberry is the richest source of vitamin C in the world. Take a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry powder and mix it with a teaspoon of honey to form a paste. Consume this mixture in the morning as first thing on an empty stomach. It is one of the easiest and effective home remedies for fibroids which reduce and shrink fibroids completely in one or two months.

Breathing exercises described in yoga are excellent exercises for curing fibroids and are highly recommended for effectively curing the problem. Breathing exercises or all the seven pranayams described in yoga are potent home remedies for fibroids. Bhastrika, Udgeet, Bhaayee, Anulomvilom, Kapaalbhati, Agnisaar and Bhaamri are seven pranayams which are wonderful in treating the problem. Reduce the consumption of foods high in fat content like meat, dairy products, red meat and beef, increased intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals and pulses is very supportive diet and women having such diet regimen have lesser chances of developing fibroids.

Soybean and soy products are not only beneficial in reducing the chances of fibroids but also help the body in shrinking them if they already exist in the uterus. Soy products have weak estrogen which competes with the estrogen of the body and disallows growth of fibroids and shrink them. Prefer to consume steamed vegetables in place of fried or baked as lightly steamed vegetables are able to hold their goodness compared to other means of cooking. Drinking lot of water during the day is very necessary and shows very positive effects in curing fibroids, always keep the body hydrated by drinking a glass of water after a certain period and consume at least 10 glasses of water in entire day.

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