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Home Remedies for Fever Blisters, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for fever blisters can prevent its eruptions very effectively and also cure the outbreak very quickly. Fever blisters are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus, this virus stay in the nerves and cannot be flushed out of the body. From time to time due to certain triggers or weak immunity system this virus gets active and causes fever blisters. The blisters caused by this virus usually occur around lips, in mouth and around nose. These are painful fluid filled blisters which may be accompanied by fever or chill. Blisters can burst and are highly infectious during that period. However Herpes Simplex virus can spread from one person to another even in absence of an outbreak through saliva. Blisters go away on their own in few days leaving scab which also disappears in few days time.

Fever blisters are caused by sharing utensils with infected person, coming in direct touch with the blisters, unprotected lovemaking, kissing and sharing towels or razors etc. This virus is highly contagious and though it is not life threatening but it is certainly troublesome. Once infected stress, illness, flu infection, poor nutrition and sunlight exposure can reactivate this virus to cause fever blisters at any time in life. Home remedies for fever blisters can keep virus in dormant stage to prevent its reactivation.

Person feels tingling at a part of skin around lips or nose and finds a blister or cluster of blisters. These blisters contain fluid and cause itching and pain. Some people have swelling and open sores in the mouth and on the tongue or around nose. These blisters go away in few days and come back whenever virus gets active. Home remedies for fever blisters cure the outbreak and disallow reactivation of the virus. Since virus cannot be killed or flushed out of the body hence home remedies for fever blisters are the best ways of treating it since these are easy to follow and completely safe, any other treatment can cast side effects on regular use or frequent use.

Fresh aloe vera gel provides few effective home remedies for fever blisters. Rub aloe vera gel on the skin as soon as one starts feeling tingling, itching or burning sensation. The rub of aloe vera gel starts healing process and also deactivates viral activity to prevent fever blisters from occurring. One can apply aloe vera gel on blisters directly, this can cure the blisters in a short time.

Rubbing ice on the blisters is one of the easiest home remedies for fever blisters. Ice can numb the area to slow down the activity of virus and later promotes blood rush which allows white blood cells to control the viral infection in the nerve and cure the blisters quickly.

Take a tea bag and put it in a cup of boiling water. Do not keep it for long time just for a minute, take the bag out let it cool down and press it gently against the blisters. This is also one of the easiest and effective home remedies for fever blisters. Apply honey on blisters topically to cure them quickly or dip a finger in a cup of salt and press it gently against the blisters, this also cures the blisters very quickly. Even applying turmeric powder topically is also an effective treatment for fever blisters. All of these are effective home remedies for fever blisters.

One can make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of cornstarch with sufficient quantity of water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the blisters topically, this speeds up the healing process to cure them quickly. Applying lemon balm extract is also one of the popular home remedies for fever blisters.

There are few effective home remedies for fever blisters which are taken internally to cure and prevent them from resurfacing. Mix equal parts of tinctures of calendula, echinacea, lomatium, burdock and oats. Consume half teaspoon of this mixture 4-5 times in a day for at least a week to cure the blisters quickly and very effectively. This is one of the most effective home remedies for fever blisters as it clears the body from toxins, kills bacteria and deactivates Herpes Simplex Virus completely for long period. Drinking sage tea boiled with few small pieces of ginger few times in a day till symptoms subside, it is another one of very effective home remedies for fever blisters.

Add two teaspoons of honey in warm glass of water, rinse mouth few times in a day for curing fever blisters in mouth or tongue. One can apply honey on the blisters in the mouth for curing them quickly. Applying a cotton ball dipped in white vinegar on the blisters also provides effective cure to the problem. Both of these are very old and trusted home remedies for fever blisters.

One or two drops of grapefruit seed extract mixed in olive oil or aloe vera gel and applying this mixture on the blisters with the help of cotton ball or with finger also cures the blisters quickly. Extract of mint also possess properties to speed up the healing process, hence its topical application on blisters also works as effective treatment fever blisters. Hot and cold compresses on the blisters increase blood flow to the area which allows the body to heal and control the activity of virus quickly. These are few more effective home remedies for fever blisters.

Avoid chocolates, peanuts and other type of nuts to prevent outbreak of blisters. Diet containing grains, peas, whole wheat, seeds and oatmeal shall be avoided completely. Increase intake of milk and dairy products to supply calcium to the body in sufficient quantity as calcium deficiency can also cause an outbreak. Consume fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and fruit juices for keeping body healthy and nourished to control the infection. Avoid spicy and oily food and drink water in sufficient quantity, hydrated body can counter activity of all types of virus more effectively than dehydrated body. Keep stress at bay by taking sufficient rest and regular exercises, stress can cause an outbreak by depleting body's capacity to control the virus.

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