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Home Remedies for Ear Mites, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for ear mites can protect pets from serious infections and problems easily and they are safe and suitable for all kinds of breeds. Ear mites are tiny parasites which can reside and breed inside the ear feeding on ear wax, cells fluids, debris and blood. Once any pet is infected by ear mites it starts to scratch its ear to pull the itch causing agent out. Ear mites breed quickly and it takes two weeks for an egg to become an adult. These can spread from one pet to others hence if there are few pets at one place treatment shall involve all of them. So far there are no evidences to suggest that ear mites can cause any harm to the health of human beings taking care of the animals or living with them, yet general precautions like washing hands with soap after treating the pet shall be taken. Home remedies for ear mites can kill and cure the infection in a short time to free the animal from agony.

If a pet, cats and dogs are most common victims of ear mites, scratch the back of the ear and insides of the ears vigorously, it is a symptom of ear mite infestation. Pets shake head frequently and scratch the ear so vigorously that they can form raw patches. Due to constant and irresistible itching pets hold the ear at an odd angle and appear unbalanced. On inspection one can see buildup of ear wax and dark black specs however on cannot see ear mites through naked eye. Constant scratching of ear by the pet and inflammation of ear canal, redness inside the ear and presence of black specs with ear wax are clear symptoms of ear mites.

Home remedies for ear mites can relieve the itching and irritation caused by these troubling agents in a short time and on regular use can flush them out to cure the problem. Ear mites spread from one animal to another when the animal comes in direct contact with the infected animal. Once infected ear mites feed on the cells fluids, blood and ear wax and breed quickly. On aggravation of the problem these can spread to the middle section of the ear canal to cause further problem. Humans are also responsible for spreading ear mites from one animal to another, these mites can spread if a human touches or cleans a pet and then touch another without taking any precaution. Home remedies for ear mites can only provide effective cure, they cannot protect the animals from getting infected hence one should treat all the animals living at one place to completely eradicate the problem.

Cleaning the ear canal is one of the most important home remedies for ear mites. Using vegetable oil or olive oil is the best and safe way to clean the canal and remove debris and crumbling black specs. Use ear dropper of syringe without needle to put few drops of any of these oils in the ear and massage to allow it to reach every corner of the ear. One can use cotton ball to pull the unwanted substances and patches and white colored patches of ear mites out of the ear. Simply by cleaning the ear one can provide big relief to the pet from itching and irritation and cleaning can increase the effects of home remedies for ear mites by many times.

To kill the infection mix half an ounce of almond oil with 400 IU's of vitamin E oil. Drop half ear dropper in each ear and massage it well to allow it to reach all the places of the ear. Scrub gently with a cotton ball and remove the patches and debris to kill the ear mites. One should stay with the pet for sometime as the animal will immediately try to scratch the mixture out. This is one of the effective home remedies for ear mites to cure the infection.

Putting few drops of corn oil is also one of the effective home remedies for ear mites. This application shall be repeated for three days regularly and a gentle massage with cotton ball shall be given after putting few drops of corn oil. The corn oil application soothes the skin of the ear, kills ear mites and speeds up the healing process.

White vinegar is an excellent aid to kill the mites and soothe the skin. Mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of water and using a dropper put few drops of this mixture in the ear. Swab the ear canal gently with cotton ball to remove debris and massage to allow the mixture to reach all the corners of the canal. White vinegar maintains acidic balance in the ear and its effects stay for a long time to provide effective and quick cure. It is one of the easiest home remedies for ear mites.

Mineral oil also provides one of the effective home remedies for ear mites. Drop few drops of mineral oil and swab with cotton ball to clear the debris and crumbling black specs. Allow the oil to reach all the places in the ear and clean white patches, if evident. This also works as one of the easiest and effective home remedies for ear mites.

Another one of the useful home remedies for ear mites can be prepared by soaking a clove of garlic in olive oil overnight. In the morning strain the oil and remove garlic clove and apply few drops of oil in the ear of the animal. Massage and swab the ear canal with a cotton ball to clear the debris and ear mites. This remedy shall be applied for at least 5-7 days regularly for effective cure.

Mix half ounce of olive oil with half teaspoon of oregano oil and allow this mixture to stand for 48 hours. Later strain this mixture and add few drops of the mixture in the ear. Swab the ear canal with a cotton ball gently. This mixture shall be applied twice in a day for effective curing of infection. This is one of the most effective home remedies for ear mites.

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