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Home Remedies for Dry Hair, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for dry hair can cure the problem caused by internal factors or external factors equally well. Health of hairs is considered as something which a person inherits or has by birth, just like dry skin or oily skin, but there are many factors apart from genetic which play a crucial role in determining health of hairs. The factors which affect from outside and the ones which affect its health from inside can be treated and their ill effects can be reduced to minimum through home remedies for dry hair. Luster less and lifeless hairs are referred as dry hair. They are hard to style and are rigid and stand erect after sometime. People having dry hair also suffer with dandruff, though dandruff is more common amongst those who have oily skin or hair but dry hairs also lock the dead cells of the scalp to form dandruff. The lifespan is less and growth of hairs is slow and thickness is very less in people having dry hair.

Too much use of shampoo containing harsh chemicals is most commonly found cause of dry hair. Nutritional deficiency, prolonged illness, side effects of certain medicines and cancer treatment are other common causes which affect the health of the hairs internally. Exposure to chlorine and other chemicals through swimming pool and tub baths also cause dryness. Hair dye, hair perms and too much use of curlers, dryers etc also cause this problem. People working in the field exposing themselves too much to air and sun and living in an area where water has high mineral content also suffer with dry hair. Home remedies for dry hair can treat all of these conditions very effectively and can provide healthy and shiny hairs.

Using hot oil instead of normal oil is one of the easiest home remedies for dry hair. One should apply hot oil regularly and cover the head with plastic cap for at least 30 minutes, later hair shall be washed with a mild shampoo containing chemicals in a very small amount. Use of herbal shampoos is recommended for washing hair after oiling them with hot oil for better results.

Vinegar provides few effective home remedies for dry hair and also for clearing dandruff which makes hair look dry and lifeless. Mix half cup of vinegar in 2 cups of water, apply this concoction on to the scalp after shampoo and on wet hairs. Let it stay for 20 minutes and rinse hair with plain water after that. One can also try soaking hairs or head with mixture of water and vinegar 15-20 minutes before washing them with shampoo every time and at least twice in a week. One teaspoon of vinegar can be applied onto the scalp right after shampoo, rinse it away with plain water after 20 minutes to get shine and remove rigidity from hairs. These are few very effective home remedies for dry hair.

Eggs also provide effective home remedies for dry hair. Beat an egg with milk or yoghurt, add some olive oil or coconut oil to this and two teaspoons of lemon juice, blend them to mix all the ingredients evenly. Apply this paste on the scalp and hairs and cover the head with warm towel for at least 30 minutes. Later wash the hairs and scalp with a mild shampoo. Even plain egg can be applied as hair mask after beating it, allow it to stay for 30 minutes before washing the hairs with shampoo for shiny and bouncy hairs.

One can mix two ripe bananas with a tablespoon of curd to form a paste. Rub this mixture on the scalp and hairs and allow it to stay for 20 minutes. Later wash this first with water and after that with shampoo. This is one of the oldest home remedies for dry hair and very effective. Try to use this remedy for at least two to three times in a week.

Form a paste by mixing two teaspoons of honey with a cup full of curd. Apply this paste on the scalp and hair as hair mask for 20 minutes before washing it with water and shampoo. Wear hair mask of paste made by mixing henna with water, this is nourishing for hair and also color them to make them look attractive. Applying plain curd on scalp and hair before washing them with shampoo every time is another very effective treatment. These are few old and trusted home remedies for dry hair and improving health of scalp for healthy hairs.

Mesh an overripe banana and avocado together to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on scalp and hair evenly and let it stay for at least one hour later wash it off with warm water. Rinsing hairs after shampoo with beer is another effective way of treating dry hair. Oil hairs with warm olive oil or coconut oil in the night and cover the head with a plastic cap, allow it to stay overnight and wash it off in the morning with mild shampoo is one of easiest home remedies for dry hair.

Take half cup of coconut oil and add 5-6 cloves of crushed almonds to it. Heat this mixture for some time, allow it to cool down but do not let it cool down completely. Apply it on the scalp and hairs when it is warm and cover the head with towel for half an hour. Later wash it off with shampoo. Take a tablespoon of mayonnaise and heat it till it becomes oily, apply it on the scalp and hair when it is warm but not too hot, let it stay for at least 20 minutes. These are few more effective home remedies for dry hair.

Comb hair with wide toothed comb, keep use of dryers and curlers to minimum, cover your head with plastic cap while swimming or bathing, do not comb your hairs many times in a day and avoid keeping hairs wet. Use mild shampoo and reduce use of styling creams and hair gels. Eat more seeds and nuts in the diet.

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