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Home Remedies for Chickenpox, Natural Remedy

Chicken pox is caused by viral infection and is very troublesome, it can happen at any age and usually affects everyone once in his life, home remedies for chicken pox can relieve the troubling symptoms and help in healing the blisters quickly. Chickenpox is caused by varicella-zoster virus, when this virus affects adults second time it causes shingles in place of chickenpox. When affected by this virus sufferer develops hundreds of itchy fluid-filled blisters all over the body which over a period of time ooze out and form crust. High fever and throat choking also affect the person at the onset of the infection. Usually people at young age get mostly affected by this disease. Person shows signs of infection after 10-12 days of infection and it is highly contagious. Person coming in direct contact with the fluid or even the saliva of the infected person can catch the infection. Person is contagious 2 days before the appearance of blisters and remains contagious till blisters shed the crust. Home remedies for chickenpox can hasten the process of healing and can relieve the symptoms to a large extent.

The infection caused by varicella-zoster virus is the cause of chickenpox which can spread from one person to another after coming in direct contact of the skin of the infected person, the fluid of blisters or saliva of the infected person. There are vaccines available but even those do not provide 100% protection against the infection though the vaccines do reduce the duration and intensity of the problem. Even if a person or child has been vaccinated for chickenpox he or she is contagious after the infection. Touching, sharing clothes, sharing food and sharing other infected materials also cause chickenpox. Home remedies for chickenpox are very effective in making the problem mild and hastening the healing process.

Feeling of sickness, fatigue, loss of appetite and fever are symptoms which precede the blisters by a day or two after the infection. Appearance of blisters, mostly occurring first on face and trunk and small blisters on scalp are clear symptoms of chickenpox. Appearance of small blisters on scalp confirms the presence of chickenpox. The blisters become cloudy in a day or two and scab and new crop of blisters can pop up in the meantime. Blisters can occur even inside mouth, vagina and on eyelids. Severe itching and even burning sensation also accompany the blisters for initial few days and calms down once blisters start to ooze out. These blisters can leave permanent marks on the skin if touched, scratched or get infected with bacteria. Home remedies for chickenpox can relieve the itching, burning and prevent infections to avoid marks on the skin very effectively and easily.

For treating itching and burning due to blisters dust the rashes or blisters with oatmeal powder with the help of a cotton ball. Allow the powder to stay for few minutes on the blisters and later clean the powder with a damp towel. Few experts suggest bathing in bath tub with a cup of oatmeal mixed in it, if convenient even this way it works as one of the effective home remedies for chickenpox.

Boil few green peas around 100 grams in half liter of water, allow it to cool down and strain the mixture. Use the water for cleaning the blisters gently with a soft and clean cloth soaked in it. This reduces itching and hastens the healing of blisters and works as one of the wonderful home remedies for chickenpox.

Dust blisters with cotton ball dipped in baking soda powder and clean the baking soda powder with soft damp cloth later after 20-30 minutes to relieve the itching and healing them in a short time. Mix two teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water and sponge the blisters with cloth, allow the water to dry on its own. This helps in avoiding the infected person from scratching the blisters and also heals them faster. It is another very simple and one of the effective home remedies for chickenpox.

Take 100 grams of carrots and 60 grams of fresh coriander and cut them in small pieces. Boil these pieces in sufficient quantity of water and boil on a low flame for few minutes. Later strain the mixture and leave the residue out, consume the water once in a day. This is one of the wonderful home remedies for chickenpox which affects internally and quickens the healing process.

Dust the blisters with turmeric powder, this can cause burning in the blisters for a while but works tremendously for healing them quickly. Boil two cups of neem leaves in 2 liter of water and swab and wash the blisters with this water, one can form a paste by grinding neem leaves and apply topically on the blister for effectively curing the blisters and protecting them from infection to allow the body to heal them faster. These are oldest home remedies for chickenpox.

Topical application of honey is also well known for healing and calming itching sensation. Honey has many properties and also protects the blisters from getting infected with bacteria or other infectious agents. Honey provides one of the simplest home remedies for chickenpox.

Mostly chickenpox does not leave any serious marks on the skin unless its blisters are not scratched or get infected by bacteria. But in case of marks on the skin due to chickenpox rubbing vitamin E oil on the marks can remove them in a short time. One can also use garlic for removing skin marks due to chickenpox. Cut garlic clove in two pieces and rub the inner part of clove on the marks, this also works as one of the wonderful home remedies for chickenpox.

Though diet is not known to affect the disease but due to slowness of metabolism eating easy to digest foods is advisable. Take special care of personal hygiene and avoid direct contacts with the infected person, incase of child suffering with the problem person taking care of the child shall take necessary precautions like washing hands well after coming in contact and washing clothes, bed sheets and other used material immediately after use.

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