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Home Remedies for Cataract, Natural Remedy

Cataract can be blinding if left untreated, home remedies for cataract are effective treatments which can efficiently and safely stop the progression of the problem and can help in many cases to reverse the process. Cataract is formation of cloud in the crystalline lens of the eye or its envelope which obstruct the passage of the light causing mild to complete opacity. The lens of the eye is clear part of the eye that helps to focus light or image on the retina, the image is transferred in the form of nerve signals to the brain where it is assessed by the brain. The lens has to be clear to provide a sharp image to the retina. Due to cataract the lens becomes cloudy and its clearness decreases and opacity increases hence image formed on the retina is blurred. This opacity grows gradually and over a period of time can cause complete blindness. Though this condition affects both the eyes but generally one eye gets affected earlier than the other. Home remedies for cataract are effective treatments which can stop the progression of the opacity and also helps in clearing the lens to cure the problem.

Aging is the biggest and natural cause of cataract and persons above the age of 50 years are susceptible or largely suffer with mild to severe cataract. Smoking, alcohol, diabetes and hypertension are commonly found causes of cataract. Exposure to ultraviolet rays and radiations are other causes of cataract. Genetic factors, physical injuries, trauma, infrared radiations, atopic allergic conditions and side effects of drugs like corticosteroids and seroquel are also known causes of cataract. Home remedies for cataract are potent treatments and can reduce the intensity of the problem.

Cataract has been classified into four categories according to the reasons causing it. Secondary cataract, congenital cataract, traumatic cataract and radiation cataract are the four categories into which this problem has been classified medically. Cloudy or blurry vision, faded colors and particularly difficulty in identifying blue color and formation of halo around source of light are few common and early symptoms of growing cataract. Gradually, one has to make frequent changes in the power of eyeglasses or contact lenses, night vision decreases drastically and light from headlights, lamps or even sunlight starts to appear too bright.

Some people may experience double image formation in one eye but this symptom subsides on its own after some time with the progression of the disease. The vision deteriorates with time and creates problems in every day to day activity like reading, watching and driving. If left untreated chances of surgical treatment increases, home remedies for cataract are effective in controlling the problem and help in preventing surgeries or lens transplant.

One of the most effective home remedies for cataract can be prepared by mixing one cup of rose petals, two tablespoons of raspberry leaves in 4 cup of boiling water. Allow this mixture to stand for 30 minutes and later on cooling use this as eye rinse. Rinse eyes liberally with this mixture at least three to four times in a day for effectively alleviating the problem. This is one of the effective home remedies for cataract.

Eat plenty of raw carrots with the meals and drink at least two glasses of carrot juice everyday regularly. Carrot provides one of the excellent home remedies for cataract. Spinach extract is also very beneficial and is believed to reverse the process of formation of cataract in some cases. Both of these are trusted home remedies for cataract.

Extract juice of flowers of pumpkin and use this juice as eye liner everyday. The properties of this juice are very effective in stopping the progression of the problem and help the body in cleaning the lens of the eye. Chewing 2-3 garlic cloves everyday is also beneficial as it clears the toxins out of the body, garlic cloves shall be consumed in raw form and chew them well before consuming. Both of these are very useful home remedies for cataract and stop the progression of the problem.

One of the oldest home remedies for cataract can be prepared by grinding seven kernels of almond with half gram of black pepper. Ground these together to form a fine powder and mix it with a cup of water. Add a teaspoon of sugar candy for sweetening the mixture and drink it regularly for few weeks to cure the problem.

Go on a three day orange juice and water diet. After three days for coming two weeks take seasonal juicy fruits in the breakfast, consume steamed seasonal green vegetables in lunch with olive oil and lemon juice dressings, include soaked raisins, dates and figs too in the lunch. Eat steamed vegetables with nuts in the dinner and avoid potatoes in any form completely. This is one of the most trusted and effective home remedies for cataract.

Unprocessed honey has been used since ancient times as one of the most effective home remedies for cataract. Put 2-3 drops of unprocessed honey in the eyes and relax for at least 10 minutes. On regular use this provides extremely beneficial results in a short time.

Mix a cup of Epsom salt in bath tub full of warm water. Take a bath for at least 30-35 minutes till you start to perspire. Cool down after tub bath and take a shower with lukewarm water. Epsom salt bath twice in a day is also treated as one of the potent home remedies for cataract.

Avoid saturated fats and dairy products as much as possible as these increase free radicals in the body which aggravate the problem. Eat spinach, carrots, garlic, ginger, all types of green vegetables, blueberries, kale, blackberries and cherries in abundance to cure the problem in a short time. Avoid white bread, rice, potatoes, alcohol and alcohol based food products, strong tea or coffee, beverages, cream, refined cereals, puddings, pickles, sauces and pies for keeping the body free of toxins and free radicals to stop the problem from progressing and alleviating it in a short time. One should avoid taking anti-histamine drugs to prevent cataract from aggravating, consult doctor for seeking alternate treatment if use of this drug is necessary.

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