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Home Remedies for Bruises, Natural Remedy

Bruises occur frequently and can be light to critical and can be even life threatening in some cases, home remedies for bruises are excellent treatments to prevent discomfort or any serious complication. Bruises occurring at joints can cause lot of discomfort even if they are light, such bruises on healing can cause itching and pain during movement to distract a person from normal activity. Medically bruises are defined as traumatic injury which can damage capillaries and sometimes venules to allow the blood to seep in surrounding interstitial tissues. Bruise is a type of hematoma which occurs usually with blunt trauma and appears as reddish-purple discoloration of the skin and sometimes temporary raised area on the skin. Home remedies for bruises are effective and easy ways of treating the problem and suitable for a person of any age.

There are many general to serious causes of bruises. Accidents, falls, surgeries and simple brushing of skin with a hard surface can cause bruises. Diseases such as insufficient or mal-functioning platelets, vascular disorders such as venous blockage, hemophilia, leukemia, bleeding disorder, scurvy, vitamin K deficiency, factor VIII and IX deficiency, liver disease and renal failure are also causes of bruises. Ageing, trauma either due to injury or muscle rupture are other commonly found causes of bruises. Home remedies for bruises are effective in treating bruises caused by any of these reasons. The size and severity of bruises depend upon the cause of bruises, age gender, color of skin, location, forces, genetics and medicines a person is taking.

Bruises are classified as light, moderate and severe. Light bruises cause little pain and discomfort and mild swelling. In moderate bruises bleeding and fluids form a hard fluctuating lump and swelling in the surrounding area. The severity of moderate bruises can vary according to the location as moderate bruises in head may even become life threatening due to internal injuries and lack of blood supply to the affected part due to swelling while moderate bruise on shoulder, knee or hands need immediate attention but are not life threatening in most of the cases. Severe bruises are caused by severe injuries and difficulty in moving a limb or fluid under the skin, fractures and broken tendons are symptoms of severe bruises which can be life threatening too. Home remedies for bruises can control the situation and cure swelling and reduce severity of the problem very effectively.

Rubbing ice or ice pack on the bruise is one of the simplest home remedies for bruises. Ice numbs the area and reduces blood flow which stops the flow of blood to control the bruise effectively. It is an effective treatment for light to moderate bruises.

Applying hot packs has been used as home remedies for bruises since old times. Heat a towel on a heater and cover the area with it. If there is no cut or wound than even towel soaked in hot water can be applied to increase the blood flow to the affected part. The hot packs increase the blood flow which allows the body to cure the injury in a short time and reduce pain and swelling.

Take a small bag and fill it with common salt, heat this pack dry on a heater or heated pan, apply on the affected part. This is one of the oldest and effective home remedies for bruises. If there is no cut on the skin then application of onion is also beneficial to cure inflammation and pain and also to allow the body to cure the bruise in a short time.

Take two teaspoons of lime powder and mix it with equal amount of turmeric powder. Heat two teaspoons of clarified butter in a pan till gets hot, add the mixture of lime powder and turmeric to it and make a paste. Spread it on a clean cloth or bandage and allow it cool down till it is bearably hot. Tie the cloth like a bandage on the effective part, change the bandage everyday to cure even severe bruises and calm the pain and inflammation in a short time. This one of the oldest and trusted home remedies for bruises.

Uncooked egg and cabbage also posses properties to relieve pain and swelling associated with bruises and work as effective home remedies for bruises. Tie uncooked egg on the affected part and change the bandage everyday for effectively curing the bruise. Tying cabbage is also very effective as this vegetable contains anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling and cure the bruise in a short time. These are old and trusted home remedies for bruises.

Dipping the affected part in hot water with sufficient quantity of salt mixed with it also relieves swelling and pain. Soaking the bruise with mixture of warm water and salt with the help of a towel is also a popular treatment for curing bruises. Applying Heinz vinegar with the help of a cotton ball on the bruise is another one of the effective home remedies for bruises.

Prepare a glass of comfrey tea and soak a clean piece of cloth in it. Soak the affected part with this to effectively cure bruises. Mix one part of cayenne pepper and five parts of melted Vaseline, apply this paste on the affected part, this is also one of the effective home remedies for bruises.

Increased intake of food items rich in vitamin C and iron is very effective diet for curing bruises. Citrus fruits, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and sweet potatoes form a supportive diet to cure bruises. Increase fluid intake, consume water in sufficient quantities at least 8-10 glasses per day. Drinking fruit juices is also very beneficial as juices not only supplement the body with necessary nutrients but also help in curing the damage caused by the injury. Increased intake of green teas and soups is also beneficial for curing the problem. Increase intake of garlic and onion either in the diet or in raw form to cure bruises in a short time. Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, white flour, dairy products, sweet fruits and sugar. Do not try to move or press the affected body part as it can worsen the wound.

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