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Home Remedies for Bladder Infection, Natural Remedy

Home remedies for bladder infection treat the problem very effectively and can prevent further complications to avoid any threat to health. Bladder infection is more common in women than in men, though there is no apparent reason for this but doctors believe that women have small urethra which allows bacteria to travel easily into bladder. 20% of women face this problem at least once in their life. The inflammation of bladder is called as bladder infection and medically it is called as cystitis. Nearly 85% of a total bladder infections are caused by E coli bacteria, this bacteria resides in intestines and when finds a way into bladder it multiplies to cause inflammation of bladder.

Male can suffer with this infection due to obstruction in the urinary tract, holding back the urge to urinate, due to infected catheter tubes and lovemaking. Women can also get bladder infections due to lovemaking, during pregnancy, due to certain birth control methods like diaphragm or condoms, holding urine for long time, change of partner and due to other reasons which allow bacteria to enter urinary tract through opening of urethra. Home remedies for bladder infection can alleviate the problem caused due to any of these reasons in a short time.

Male or females experiencing frequent urination or urgency to empty the bladder every time may be suffering with bladder infection. Feeling to urinate quite frequently even if very less or no urine comes out is another symptom of bladder infection. Bladder spasms and pain or burning sensation during urination are also its symptoms. Foul smelling urine, cloudy colored urine or traces of blood in the urine are clear symptoms of this problem. If these symptoms accompany fever, chills or nausea and abdominal pain or pain in the back just above waist then it suggests that bladder infection has infected the kidneys which is a serious condition. Home remedies for bladder infection are very effective and easy to use and can control the problem much before it becomes serious and threatening.

There are many home remedies for bladder infection to treat mild to severe infection. Baking soda provides simplest and easiest yet effective treatment to the problem. Mix a heaped tea spoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it everyday regularly. Baking soda changes the PH of urine which kills the bacteria to cure the infection. Continue drinking baking soda for 2-3 days even after symptoms have subsided for better cure of the problem. This is one of the most popular home remedies for bladder infection.

Consuming fresh cranberry juice is one of the most commonly used home remedies for bladder infection in men and women. Cranberry juice is ideal remedy for pregnant women who are prone to bladder infection. Prefer fresh juice but if fresh juice is not available then use bottled juice which has minimum content of added sugar and additives. If it is not possible to drink cranberry juice directly then one can mix it with apple juice to better its taste.

Increased intake of orange juice, lemon juice or fresh berry juice is also one of the most effective and easy home remedies for bladder infections, consume a salad platter with olive oil dressing to increase the effects of the treatment. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which elevates immunity system to flush out bacteria out of the tract to cure bladder infection.

For severe bladder infection blending equal parts of Echinacea, uva ursi, pipsissewa and buchu tinctures and consuming 20 drops of this tincture in every two hours for first two days and later one teaspoon four times a day till symptoms subside is one of the home remedies for bladder infection which can cure severest infections effectively. In some people strong antiseptic effects of uva ursi can create some discomfort which subsides after sometime.

Massaging the bladder area with essential oils is one the easiest home remedies for bladder infection. Hot compresses applied on this area are also treated as useful treatment to cure the infection and reduce the inflammation caused by the infection to relieve the symptoms.

Pineapple also serves as one of the effective home remedies for bladder infection. Pineapple contains bromelain which is an effective enzyme to control breeding of bacteria and also to inhibit its activity. Consuming pineapple juice or eating a cup of pineapple fruit everyday controls and cures the infection effectively.

Some experts suggest that staying on a fluid and fruit diet for two days is one of the quickest ways of getting rid of bladder infection. Consume lot of water and drink cranberry juice, berry juice, pineapple juice and orange juice, consume all types of fruits during these days to cure the infection very quickly. However consumption of plenty of water is treated as one of the best home remedies for bladder infection as more water intake promotes urination which helps the body in flushing out the infection quickly.

Certain precautions and measures also work as effective home remedies for bladder infection. Do not ignore the urge to urinate, wear loose clothing as much as possible, women shall wipe their intimate areas from front to back, never use perfumed or scented toilet paper, do not spray perfumes or deodorants in undergarments, keep detergents, washing powder etc away from private parts and completely avoid alcohol, over the counter painkillers and caffeine intake for preventing as well as curing the bladder infection. Reduce the intake of refined sugar as much as possible, avoid onion and tomatoes in the diet, and avoid processed food, spicy food, artificial sweeteners and beverages completely.

Rinse undergarments properly with water and ensure that there are no traces of detergent or washing powder left in them. While bathing wash and clean the genital area but ensure proper rinsing of the area with water to remove soap and foams from the area. Urinating after lovemaking is very good practice and both the partner shall follow this to avoid any bacterial spread in the urinary tract, married couples shall also follow this practice to avoid any chance of catching up the infection.

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