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Hair Loss Herbal Treatment, Natural Dandruff Remedy

Hylix lotion is uniquely formulated hair loss herbal treatment, made up of valuable ayurvedic herbs and natural nutrients that help to improve blood circulation, clear scalp infection, and stimulate hair growth. Regular massage of scalp with this herbal oil will supply the much needed nutrition to your hairs and scalp and brings natural shine and strength. The herbs and nutrients present in this herbal oil will be deeply penetrated in the roots of your hairs and will nourish the follicles, stop itchiness and restore the hair in thinning area. Hylix lotion can also be used as an effective natural dandruff remedy and it checks premature graying of hairs and scalp infection. Herbs such as Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai and Henna make Hylix lotion the perfect hair loss herbal treatment and control premature falling of hairs naturally. This herbal oil imparts strength and shine to dry and lusterless hair.

Hair Loss Herbal TreatmentMassage of the scalp with Hylix lotion enhances blood circulation and prevents fungal infections of the scalp. This herbal oil can also be used for relaxing the mind by overcoming stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. Amla and Bhringraj are herbs that are known for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. These herbs also induce sleep and treat problems related to insomnia or sleeplessness. These herbs are widely used as hair loss herbal treatment and cure problems related to the scalp. Herbs present in Hylix lotion strengthen the roots of the hairs and improve general hair condition. Neem, one of the key ingredients of Hylix lotion, is an excellent cure of scalp disorders and skin infections. Neem when mixed with other ingredients brings relief to the scalp from lice and any infection. This herb possesses anti bacterial property and helps to stop the spread of infection.


Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica), Bhringraj (Wedelia Calendulacea), Shikakai (Acacia Concinna), Henna / Mehndi (Lawsonia Inermis), Kalonji (Nigella sativa) and Azadirachta Indica (Neem)

Hylix Lotion is useful in -

Hair fall
Scalp infection
Irregular sleeping pattern
Stress, anxiety, depression


Shake bottle of Hylix lotion properly before use. Massage oil gently on the scalp with fingers for 5 to 10 minutes. For best result, leave lotion applied on the scalp overnight and then rinse it off next morning. Use this hair loss herbal treatment preferably at night.

Packaging: 100 ml

Hair Loss Herbal Remedy

Natural Dandruff Remedy
2 bottles $40 - Free
3 bottles $55 $5 Free
5 bottles
$85 $15 Free
10 bottles
(Best Save)
$160 $40 Free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main causes of hair loss?

Too much loss of hairs is referred as hair loss, growing and losing hair is a normal process of the body, normally a hair stay on the scalp for about 2-3 years and during these years it grows at a pace of one centimeter per month. During last 3-4 months of its lifecycle hair stops growing, this phase is called resting phase of hair after which it falls off and a new hair starts growing. At any point of time a person has 90% of hair which are in growing phase while 10% are in resting phase and a healthy person loses around 100 hairs everyday by natural process. Hair loss much more than 100 hairs per day or slow growth or lack of hair growth at any part of scalp causing bald spots or baldness are referred as hair loss.

Problem of early hair loss can be inherited which suggests that genetic factors are also responsible for too much hair loss. Hormonal imbalance in males and females can also cause this problem; women generally experience too much hair loss after 3-4 months of child birth due to hormonal secretion during pregnancy. Surgeries, treatments and long illness also cause hair loss. Diseases like diabetes or lupus are also known for causing this problem. Medicines like blood thinners or for high blood pressure, depression, gout or heart problems also promote this problem. People taking too much vitamin A supplements may also face excessive hair loss. Malfunctioning of thyroid gland also promotes this problem by causing hormonal disturbances. Fungal infections also cause hair loss and are more prevalent in children.

What are the common symptoms of this problem?

Presence of far too many hairs on bed sheets or towel or clothes suggests hair loss. Though losing hair is a normal process of the body and body loses 50-100 hairs everyday but number much more than this figure is the symptom of this problem. Formation of bald spots and thinning of scalp are also its symptom. While combing after a shower or head wash if one finds too many hairs in the comb it suggests this problem. If hair can be plucked out easily from the scalp it suggests poor health of hair and scalp and can lead to hair loss.

Is there any safe hair loss herbal treatment?

Yes, Hylix lotion is a natural and effective hair loss herbal treatment prepared by combining all natural herbs and botanicals known for their positive effects in improving hair condition and preventing dandruff. Because Hylix lotion is ayurvedic oil containing only the finest herbs and natural ingredients, there is no harmful side effect of Hylix lotion when used as directed.

How long I need to use this hair loss herbal treatment to control hair fall and dandruff?

It is recommended to use Hylix lotion consistently for at least 3-4 months to see good result. As this herbal oil is a pure natural dandruff remedy and improves hair condition naturally, you can continue its usage for as long as you wish.

What are the diet and natural remedies that will help to stop hair fall and dandruff?

Proper diet should be taken to prevent or reduce hair loss and to avoid baldness. Flex seeds one to two teaspoons everyday are very good for hair and skin health. Increased intake of beans, nuts, poultry products, eggs, whole grains, oyster, low fat dairy products, carrots and dark green vegetables are highly recommended for preventing and curing hair loss. One must be careful about the quality of shampoo he or she uses as if there is any substance intolerant to the skin it can cause unstoppable hair loss. Avoid foods which are refined, spicy and greasy including wafers and chips. White flour, soy protein isolate, palm oil and refined sugar should be completely avoided to. Massage scalp daily with Hylix lotion for promoting blood flow and improving health of hair and scalp to stop hair fall.

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