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Flatulence Herbal Treatment, Natural Excessive Stomach Gas Remedy

Flatulence, also known as excessive farting or intestinal gas, is a common problem found in a large number of people worldwide. It is mainly caused due to indigestion, poor dietary habits, presence of bacteria in the intestine, digestive tract disorders, consumption of fiber foods and irritable bowel syndrome. Person suffering from flatulence feels abdominal discomfort, excessive expulsion of wind, a feeling of bloating, pain, belching and foul odor. Flatulence results in a bad odor and is generally characterized by a sound, which causes social embarrassment. But you no longer need to worry about it. This is because as every problem has a solution... excessive gas formation in the stomach can also be easily cured with a safe and effective flatulence herbal treatment i.e. Arozyme capsule.

Flatulence Herbal TreatmentArozyme capsule is a natural excessive stomach gas remedy that improves digestion and cures excessive farting or intestinal gas naturally. This flatulence herbal treatment is a perfect combination of powerful and time-tested herbs and botanicals. In addition to curing a number of health problems like flatulence, excessive farting, intestinal gas, belching, burping and bloating, this flatulence herbal treatment is also capable of strengthening digestive system and preventing digestive disorders like constipation, indigestion, acidity, loss of appetite and hyperacidity. The balanced combination of herbs and natural ingredients in Arozyme capsules make this product an effective flatulence herbal treatment and prevent excessive formation of gas in the stomach. These herbs maintain healthy digestion and support routine amount of gas in the digestive system.

A regular course of this flatulence herbal treatment will help soothe digestive system and discourage intestinal gas, flatulence and belching. This flatulence herbal treatment when taken regularly improve bowel functioning and promotes healthy levels of digestive acids in the stomach. This natural excessive stomach gas remedy promotes healthy absorption of nutrients and supports healthy levels of normal micro-organisms, yeast, and bacteria in the colon and digestive tract. Arozyme capsule is a uniquely designed flatulence herbal treatment that addresses the causes of flatulence and its related problems, and uses natural herbs to treat the causes. The herbal ingredients of Arozyme capsules such as Ajwain, Hing, Sonth, Haritaki and Sanay have carminative, anti-flatulent, antispasmodic and antacid properties and give natural relief from gas. This natural stomach gas remedy facilitates easy expulsion of trapped gases in the gut and provides relief from pain and discomfort caused due to excessive gas formation in the stomach.


Ptychotis Ajowan (Ajwain), Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki), Ferula Foetida (Asfoetida, Hing), Mint (Poudina), Zingiber Officinale (Sonth), Cassia Angustifolia (Sanay), Gardenia Gummifera Linn (Dikamali), Sodium Bicarbonate (Madhur kshar)

Arozyme Capsule is useful in -

Flatulence or excessive gas
Poor digestive system
Acidity, hyperacidity and heartburn
Constipation or hard stools
Indigestion and dyspepsia
Loss of appetite
Belching, burping and bloating


Take one or two capsules of Arozyme two times a day with water regularly for 2 to 3 months to get natural relief from flatulence or excessive farting.

Flatulence Herbal Remedy

Natural Excessive Stomach Gas Remedy
100 capsules $30 - Free
150 capsules $42 $3 Free
250 capsules
$60 $15 Free
500 capsules
(Best Save)
$99 $51 Free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main causes of excessive gas formation in the stomach?

Excessive gas formation in the stomach is called as flatulence which initially is not threatening but can cause other disorders and definitely social embarrassment. People mostly seek treatment for flatulence due to embarrassment it can cause in polite company. However formation of gas is natural and healthy phenomena which occur due to digestion of food. The flatus is comprised of gases like nitrogen, oxygen, methane, carbon-dioxide and hydrogen which are odorless while skatole, indole and sulphur compounds are smelly and create odor in flatus. Good bacteria is present in human's small and large intestine which digest complex food substances, the balance of these two types of bacteria is responsible for healthy or excessive gas formation. Undigested food like fiber and starch when reaches colon bacteria present in colon ferments them creating stinking flatus and also flatulence.

Intolerance to certain food items prevents their digestion and causes flatulence. Poor health of GI tract causes indigestion which can also cause flatulence. Slow and sluggish colon can block passing of gas through rectum and also promotes gas formation to create excessive gas in the stomach. Too much intake of food items which produce lots of gas during digestion like beans and starch. Digestion of food in large intestine which is passed on undigested from GI tract and small intestine also produce excessive gas to cause this problem. Lack of water intake, lack of physical activity and side effects of medicines like diuretics and antacids can also cause flatulence. Infections in digestive system, gallbladder stones, poor thyroid function, obstruction in intestines, poor diet intake, swallowing of air during eating or consumption of gas producing liquids like beverages, and lactase deficiency are commonly found causes for excessive gas formation in the stomach.

What are the common symptoms of flatulence?

Feeling heaviness in stomach even after light meals suggests flatulence. Excessive gas formation in the stomach after eating certain food items is also a symptom of flatulence due to intolerance to that particular food item. Constipation, lack of hunger and reduced appetite are also symptoms of this problem. Regular belching after meals or even on empty stomach is also a symptom of excessive gas formation in the stomach. People taking medicines for narcotic pain, anti-depressants, antacids, having restricted physical movement and ulcers are prone to this problem. Abdominal pain after meals and bloating are also symptoms of flatulence.

Is there any safe flatulence herbal treatment?

Yes, Arozyme capsule is a natural and effective flatulence herbal treatment prepared by combining all natural herbs and botanicals known for their positive effects in improving digestion and preventing excessive gas formation in the stomach. Because Arozyme capsule is a natural excessive stomach gas remedy containing only the finest herbs and herbal ingredients, there are no harmful side effects of Arozyme capsules when taken as directed.

How long I need to take this flatulence herbal treatment to cure this problem naturally?

It is recommended to take this natural excessive stomach gas remedy consistently for at least 2-3 months to get good result. The length of the course largely depends upon severity of the condition, diet and lifestyle of a person. As Arozyme capsule is a natural and safe flatulence herbal treatment, you can continue its usage for as long as you wish.

What are the diet and natural remedies that will help you in preventing and curing flatulence?

Identifying food items which might be triggering excessive gas formation in the stomach can prevent flatulence due to food intolerance. Ensuring sufficient water intake during day at least 8-10 glasses per day is also very useful in preventing flatulence due to slow digestion. Avoiding foods like beans, onion, apple, peaches, prunes, dark beer, red wine, potato, corn, noodles, wheat, artificial sweeteners and fiber rich diet is helpful as these foods are known for producing gas during digestion. Increased intake of fruits like papaya, pineapple and kiwi is beneficial for preventing flatulence. Drinking sage tea twice a day also relieves excessive gas formation in the stomach. Eat more rice, fennel seeds, coriander and rosemary for proper digestion and preventing flatulence. Use of black salt, black pepper, cloves and garlic as spices in the food ensures lesser gas formation during digestion and prevents flatulence.

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