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Eclipta Alba Benefits, Bhringraj For Hair, Uses

Bhringraj or Wedelia calendulacea is found throughout India and Southwestern America. This wonderful herb loves high moisture areas to flourish and grow, its plant reaches a height of just 3 inches with lance shaped leaves. The roots, leaves and fruits are used for medicinal purposes, the roots of the plant are well developed, cylindrical and grayish in color. This herb contains an alkaloid called Eciliptin and its leaves have high content of proteins. It is well known for its anti-cancer, anti-leprotic, analgesic, antioxidant, anti-hemorrhagic, anti-myotoxic, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-viral, spasmogenic, antibacterial, hypotensive and ovicidal properties.

Eclipta Alba BenefitsBhringraj is an excellent remedy for people suffering with cirrhosis. This herb has been used in Ayurvedic treatment for this disease since ages and shows very beneficial effects. Its wide ranging properties protect liver from viral and bacterial infections to prevent further straining and also cure swelling and inflammation in the organ. Eclipta Alba works as potent kidney and liver rejuvenator. It is also used for treating patients of hepatitis and those suffering with enlarged spleen.

Bhringraj or Eclipta Alba has long been used for hair care, as oil it cures the problem of premature graying and baldness, dry herb mixed with oil and applied on the head relieves headache in no time and also its massages on the head promotes sound sleep and makes hair darker and thicker. For hair care there is hardly any oil or cream which does not use Bhringraj as an ingredient. Apart from hair Eclipta Alba is used to maintain and rejuvenate teeth, bone, memory, sight and hearing powers and is useful even for old aged persons.

Eclipta Alba herb is used for treating problems related to urinary tract, when mixed with salt and consumed once in a day it relieves from burning sensation during urination. It is also an excellent remedy to cure post-delivery uterine pains in women. This herb strengthens health of uterus very effectively and is used as a remedy for those women who have weaker uterus and suffer with frequent miscarriages or abortions. It is also very effective in stopping uterine bleeding.

The oil of Bhringraj has powerful anti-aging properties, it not only improves looks but also increase energy levels in the body. It is also used as remedy for curing debility in both the genders and at any age. Its antioxidant properties and supportive properties for liver and kidney functioning are very beneficial for curing general weakness, lethargy and fatigue.

Bhringraj is very beneficial in treating and curing day to day minor problems related to children. Extract of leaves of this herb given to infants mixed with honey very mildly and effectively removes worms from the digestive system, Side by side it also works very well for increasing appetite and digestion of young children. Eclipta Alba is also given to children who suffer with urinary tract problems. In adults it very effective in treating skin disorders and infections and is very useful for removing eye infections safely.

Bhringraj possesses anti-hemorrhagic properties and is been used in curing pain caused due to piles, it also helps in treating the problem of hyperacidity and relieves pains in other parts of the body too.

Other names of Eclipta Alba: Bhringraj, False Daisy, Bhringaraj, Bhringraja, Kesharaja, Eclipta, Han Lian Cao, Yerba De Tago, Takasaburou, Congo Lanna

Eclipta Alba For Hair

Bhringraj For Hair, Uses
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Note: Hylix Lotion contains Eclipta Alba as a key ingredient along with other valuable herbs to control hair fall and dandruff naturally.

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