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Diet for Healthy Life, Balanced Nutrition Foods for Men, Women, Children

Diet for Healthy Life

Diet for healthy life is the one which contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in such quantities so that all the demands of the body are met. Diet for healthy life follows the food guide pyramid which includes items from all the five essential food groups. These food groups singularly provide some but not all the nutrients and each group is important for fulfilling the body needs and forming diet for healthy life. Vegetables group, fruits group, dairy products group, poultry and nuts group and bread, cereal, rice paste group are five essential groups which shall be included in daily diet.

1-2 daily servings of poultry products group like meat, fish, unsalted nuts, peanut butter etc, 1-2 servings of dairy products group like cheese, yoghurt, fat-free milk etc, 3-4 daily servings of fruit group like bananas, apples, oranges etc and fruit juices, 3-5 daily servings of vegetables group with all types of green leafy vegetables, other types of vegetables and roots and tubers like carrots, tomato, radish, cucumber etc and 6-11 servings of cereals, bread pasta group which shall include wholegrain, whole wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, enriched pasta etc. Daily diet comprising of all the five groups and sugar, fat, margarine, butter, oils and soft drinks sparingly is diet for healthy life.

Balanced nutrition for men comes from a balanced and nourishing diet. Adult men need at least 1200 to 1500 calories per day depending on the kind of work a person is into. Balanced diet for men shall include 450 gm of cereals, 40 gm of pulses, 50 gm of leafy vegetables, 50 gm of other vegetables, 50 gm of roots and tubers, 150 ml of milk, 40 gm of oils and fat and 30 gm of sugar and jiggery per day. Cereals and pulses like rice, wheat flour, maize, rice flakes, puffed rice etc and black gram, green gram, rajmah, soybean etc are rich sources of protein, energy, vitamin B, B2, folic acid, iron and fiber and shall be included in diet to get balanced nutrition for men. All types of fruits, vegetables and fat-free milk shall be included in daily diet to provide balanced nutrition for men.

Balanced diet for women shall include 410 gm of cereals, 40 gm of pulses, 100 gm of leafy vegetables, 40 gm of other vegetables, 50 gm of roots and tubers, 100 ml of milk, 20 gm each of oils and fats and sugar everyday. Such diet provides balanced nutrition for women and some quantity of each item can be increased in case of pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Balanced diet for children shall be worked out according to their age. Children in age group of 5-9 years shall have 250 gm of cereal, 30 gm of pulses, 30 gm of leafy vegetables, 40 gm of other vegetables, 20 gm of roots and tubers, 250 ml of milk, 20 gm of fats and oils and 20 gm of sugar everyday, this diet provides balanced nutrition for children. Balanced diet for children falling in age group of 10-14 years shall include 400 gm of cereals, 45 gm of pulses, 50 gm each of leafy and other vegetables, 30 gm of roots and tubers, 250 ml of milk, 30 gm of oils and fats and 40 gm of sugar everyday. This diet provides balanced nutrition for children in growing age and avoids weight gain.

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