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Asparagus Racemosus Herb, Shatavari Benefits, Uses

Asparagus Racemosus or Shatavari is known as 'Queen of herbs' in Ayurvedic system of medicine as it promotes love and loyalty. Shatawari means one who possesses hundred husbands. This amazing herb is commonly found across India and Himalayas. It is a creeper which can be 1-2 meters in height and belongs to Lilicea family. This herb contains plant chemicals like Steroidal saponins, starch, tannin, isoflavones, proteins, polysaccharides and many more. This herb is famous for improving functioning of reproductive system in males and females equally well and is a part of many medicines for treatment and prevention of diseases.

Asparagus RacemosusAsparagus Racemosus is famous as female rejuvenating tonic due to its immense properties which can cure ailments and disorders related to female reproductive system and promote its smooth functioning. Apart from increasing libido it strengthens tissues and nerves of the female reproductive organs and is extremely beneficial in pre-natal and post-natal care of a female. On general use Asparagus Racemosus can provide endurance to reproductive organs to withstand negative effects of aging, hormonal imbalances, stress and side effects of medicines. It improves over all health of female and is also given to females who have threat of abortion in early stages of pregnancy.

Shatavari herb is used in increasing breast milk in females, calming menopausal symptoms and curing infertility in both the genders. It can cure debilities in males too by improving nerve functioning and tissue health.

Asparagus Racemosus is also very beneficial in treating disorders related to nervous system of males and females, it cures nervousness, pain, restless sleep, disturbing dreams and strengthen mental and emotional health. It is also used to cure anorexia, insomnia and has also provided very good results in treating hyperactive children. People who are under weight also benefit with the use of this herb for gaining healthy weight.

Asparagus Racemosus is used for preparing patients for chemotherapy, it is also a very potent immunity booster and also provides good effects for inhibiting herpes virus. Asparagus Racemosus has been found very beneficial in treating the dried tissues of kidney, reproductive organs, lungs and stomach. It is an effective remedy to cure stomachic, throat infections, scalding of urine, dyspepsia and is also a very useful treatment for ulcerative disorders of stomach and Parinama.

Shatavari herb has properties to promote sound health of urinary system. It increases urinary output and is used as supplementary or as main treatment to treat the problem of kidney stones and Dysurea. It also very helpful in relieving uterine hypoplasia in young girls, improves uterine growth, mitigates menorrhagia and dysmenorrheal and imparts anabolic properties.

Asparagus Racemosus is not only an excellent support during pre-menopausal symptoms but also very useful in treating post-menopausal symptoms. Some women continue to suffer with headaches, uterine cramps and frequent infections even after menopause this herb relieves these symptoms very effectively.

Shatavari also calms burning sensation and cures the skin on topical application during smallpox, treats persistent cough, very beneficial in bronchitis, relieves pain due to tumors, treats chronic fevers, problem of hyperacidity and treats muscle spasms and pain caused due to it. It is used in various Ayurvedic and natural treatments for treating diseases like cancer and tumors too.

Other names of Asparagus Racemosus: Shatavari, Satavar, Shatamull, Wild asparagus, Satamuli, Satavari, Shatawari

Asparagus Racemosus Supplement

Shatavari Benefits
50 capsules $50 - Free
100 capsules $95 $5 Free
150 capsules
$140 $10 Free
200 capsules
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$180 $20 Free

Note: Fantasy capsules contain Asparagus Racemosus as a key ingredient along with other potent herbs to improve women's health and vitality.

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